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Guardian Fairy Workshop

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Fairies are beings of joy and light who assist Earth in keeping plants and flowers vibrant and healing. Fairies are offering to assist humanity at this time have a deeper connection to the Earth and to bring more joy into our lives on this Earth Walk.

Join Fairy Author Alphedia Arara in this enchanting workshop to help you establish a connection with your own Guardian Fairy guide.

  • In the workshop you learn about Elemental Fairies and the Sidhe (the magical Celtic Faeries), how to see them, where to find them and how to receive messages from them.
  • You learn how to use crystals to work with opening you up to the Fairy realm, go on a powerful Fairy chakra cleaning meditation and also a guided meditation to meet your Guardian Fairy to find out their name and receive messages from them from flowers.
  • We release blocks within you that may be preventing you hearing, seeing and feeling the nature guardians around you using essence sprays and Fairy ascension spheres.
  • You are also taken on a guided meditation to open up your Elemental Chakra in the Fairy Garden.
  • You also have a personal attunement with the Fairies.

This is a wonderful way to harness the Autumn Equinox energies which is one of the times you can see Fairies at dusk with your physical eyes.

Alphedia is joined by Silphinis of Sound of Soul who hooks her up to the exciting heart song machine which produces the song of the Fairies as Alphedia channels the workshop meditations. This is an exciting new tool for soul growth allowing your heart to open more fully. Sound of Soul is a new technology which translates your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) into sound, light and colour.

Channeled Message from the Guardian Fairies

“Many humans now are starting to connect with the nature spirit realm, they are starting to remember their connection to the fairy kingdoms and the magic that lies within.

Not all human souls have a Guardian Fairy, however if you are drawn to be reading this, it is likely indeed that you do. And all those that choose to go on to participate in this workshop most certainly do.

The Guardian Fairies have been assigned to you to assist you with your Earth’s walk.Your divine mission will in some way relate to earth healing work and environmental awareness.

As Guardian Fairies we wish to have a deeper connection with you in order for us to assist you in your ascension soul growth, and so we can work in tandem to bring the earth healing knowledge and wisdom to the fore.In this workshop we will bring you guidance on the energy frequencies from the flowers that assist you and we will also remind you of who we are and why we are together.

We Guardian Fairies have an important role to assist humanity at this time.”

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