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Halls of Illumination Full Moon, Master Lanto

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Master Lanto connects you to his rays of illumination to energise you and light your way in exploring your darkness to set yourself free, all helping in your ascension.

Master Lanto has come forth to support us with this full moon cycle in Aries. The full moon was on 5th October 2017 at 7.40pm BST time.

Ascended Master Lanto has had many incarnations on Earth, his first in Lemuria and also served as a Priest in Atlantis. Master Lanto is a Master of the power of precipitation. He uses the Science of the Spoken Word to bring forth cosmic light from deep in the voidal space. Utilising the energy of universal substance and creating it into physical form.

This makes him a Master of Manifestation - a power that is in all of us. This is a moon to take action with which to bring your dreams into reality. Using the energy of this moon to give momentum to changes you wish to bring forth.

  • In this Full Moon workshop Alphedia channels Master Lanto. You are taken on a self realisation exercise with him to look at the areas of your life you would like more clarity and illuminated understanding in.
  • Alphedia then channels a powerful guided meditation from Master Lanto. You also receive sound healing from the Tibetan singing bowls, drum and precussion that Alphedia will play.

Who is Master Lanto?

Greetings I am an Ascended Being who has had many incarnations on Earth. Since my last incarnation in the land you call China I now choose to reside on the inner planes of light taking up roles in the various Ashrams and Temples.

I have held various roles and as an explorer soul I am rarely static. Time moves so slowly in your realm that often the information is past before it is really present.

Just now I reside in the 2nd Ray Ashram once again. I have returned here to support the important work to aid mass soul growth. I have come back to my beloved temple of Illumination as I feel that is what souls on Earth require at this time.

Assistance with illumination to see your way through the illusions thrown at you on Earth. This Ray’s light is orange and this fiery colour will energise all who connect with it. The second ray of light is a place to explore your darkness and to set yourself free to ascend easier and more quickly.

It is an honour. Namaste”

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lanto

This full moon is all about hope! It is about bringing to fruition what you have been working towards as a soul and opening the doors to releasing what has been standing in your way.

Now is the time on Earth to dream big and to know that you have the knowledge, skills and guidance to be able to bring your dreams to fruition.In this workshop I will take you into my Ashram of Illumination to show you the possibilities available to you.

I will aid you in illuminating your blocks so you can see them, own them and be shown a way to navigate around them. This moon provides you with the opportunity for ah ha moments. A chance to be uplifted and shown new solutions to blocks and issues in your life.

In the meditation I will shine illumination codes into each chakra. I will assist with inspiration and support you in transitioning through the stagnant energy that has been holding you still.

Now is the time to make movement in your life. This moon supports everyone who is moving to the new ray of hope for the better future for all. We will also do a Mother Earth healing for those around the world who are struggling and could harness the hope frequency.

I will clear despondency frequency, fear and unworthiness frequency from your holographic patterning. By doing this you can see that your spirituality is an intrinsic part of who you are and that you are doing the highest service you can offer yourself when you start to work daily on realising those lower vibratory states.

When I take you into the Halls of Illumination you will be supported fully in having a deeper understanding of who you are - past, present and future.

These Halls are a very sacred space and once you have visited you will always carry the Illumination codes.

This workshop which I channel will raise your energy frequency making the path ahead clearer for you.

As you increase in vibration you align yourself with the Oneness of your Soul Truth.

I will burn the golden flame of illumination through your energy system allowing you to be reinvigorated, illuminated and more consciously aware of your gifts and understanding of your Earth Walk.

This is the ultimate opportunity for you as souls on Earth. I am Ascended Master Lanto - Chohan of the 2nd Ray of Illumination.”


"I have to say that Master Lanto is such an accessible teacher; he explains things in such a simple manner, especially for people like me who weren't good at science at school back in the day lol! As I sat listening to this workshop, it was like a wiser friend was sitting next to me. Can I also thank Daphne for leading the Earth Healing session. You are a very gifted Lightworker/Earth Healer. I highly recommend this beautiful workshop and thank all those who made it possible. Much love." Louisa England

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