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Harnessing Change - Archangels Michael & Raziel Meditation

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Archangels Michael and Raziel wish to assist us with harnessing change in our lives.

The powerful Angels Archangel Michael, the Angel of Protection and specialist in aiding you to find your divine life path, and the powerful wizard Angel, Archangel Raziel, came forward to run this Angel meditation.

This workshop includes a channeled message from the Angels and then an hour's guided meditation to take you on a deep soul healing journey.

These monthly Angel meditations are always popular and offer a very powerful healing tool to assist your souls progress and to fully harness the available energies to support love and guide you on your mission hear on earth.

Channeled Message from Archangel Michael & Archangel Raziel

Greetings greetings, we come forward to offer our services to aid you in clearing blocks to embracing change.

Change is inevitable it is part of life, yet many people refuse subconsciously or consciously to make the changes that their guides and their soul are prodding and pushing them to do.

Know that resistance against your divine life mission and your souls wishes comes from ego. And often stems from passed life trauma’s karmic cycles and belief conditioning you have taken on from your society, your family, your friends and other influences in your life.

In this meditation we wish to help you free up your energy. We will work on healing the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as blocks to change can be stored in each of these.

Sometimes it is because of a driver, be that fear, anger, stubbornness or any other emotion that is not serving you for your highest soul purpose. As you start to integrate more into alignment with the soul frequency of who you are then change is required, it is inevitable it will occur.

Yet few choose to ask for change to occur with grace and ease and this is the secret. Whether you are blocked financially, spiritually in relationships, career, know that by allowing yourself to change either physically, emotionally or mentally or spiritually you open doors to great new opportunities.

We will take you into Archangel Raziel’s powerful alchemical temple and hear you will integrate with high frequency energies as Raziel will start the healing process on you.

You will be shown where you are stuck and why, you will be shown by Archangel Michael how to undo the hooks and the cords that are keeping you stagnant. You will have the opportunity to manifest the change that you are seeking. Be it a feeling you wish to release or a feeling you wish to experience.

An ill health situation you wish to resolve, a change in your relationships or just the current status quo.

This will be an opportunity to evaluate where you are at in your life and receive guidance of where you are to go.The frequencies that we will offer you will break down the resistance that you have created around you.

Your soul has wished to learn the lessons it has chosen to learn but now as the earth is preparing to begin another cycle in the new year it is time now to start the process so that you are ready to utilise the energies, your are ready to dream your dreams and you are ready to trust how it shall become reality.

As a soul seed of creation you are naturally a creator....and it is through your creative forces you change, by changing your thoughts you change your outward reality, by changing the way you view your physical self you change your physical body.

By becoming aware of your emotions you are able to change them. Know that you, no external force but you, require to make the changes that are appropriate for your soul at a deep level.

We will aid you and assist you. Realigning you onto your souls journey so that you can feel and experience it in the temple.

Whether you choose to continue to do the work to be in that alignment in your daily life is up to you but once you have felt it and experienced where you are meant to be you will be able to recall this and realign with this frequency.

Tis a privilege as always to be of service. Now you are worth doing this soul work, know that your life conspires and configures to bring great love, light to you. Namaste.”
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