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Move into Perfected Self with Merlin Wizard

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Workshop date: 01 October 2020
Duration approximately: 3 hrs
Please note: Audio download available.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 1st October 2020.

Join Merlin, the Celtic Earth Magician and Wizard as he brings forward a wonderful healing Harvest Full Moon workshop to assist with further transformation as we move into our perfected selves.

To celebrate the Harvest Full Moon in Aries, Alphedia Arara has been invited by Merlin, the Celtic Earth Magician and Wizard, to channel a full moon workshop from him. This full moon, in the fire element of Aries, is offering us this opportunity of further transformation as we move into our perfected selves to be vibrating at the highest frequency our physical human matrix can radiate at this point.

Having moved through the Rainbow Gateway at the Equinox to embrace living in the higher timeline trajectories, Merlin is coming forward to reawaken us in the remembrance of our powers of Alchemy and Soul Wizardry. Merlin is offering us this opportunity for soul redemption, clearing any judgements, past lives behaviours which were ego driven and are effecting our trajectory going forth.

Merlin is the Master Magician, who understands the Earth game, who understands the challenges that are presented to humans incarnate on the Earth and who teaches us to overcome and override these with ease. Merlin is wishing to activate you to allow you to be fully present in the highest timeline trajectory available for your souls progression at this time. Going forth he wishes to work offering deep soul healing, offering to free you and release you from any holes you have got bogged down within, any paths you wish to no longer tread, any relationships that you wish to be set free from yet the ego holds still. Merlin is a powerful force who will assist you in utilising the Aries Full Moon in Libra, the sign of balance, to catalyse the completion of your souls journey with the Old Earth matrix.

Tidying up what is still lingering after the Equinox Portal, he is offering you a fast track. For those that are the Earths healers he is offering you new knowledge and wisdom on your alchemical journeys.

As always Alphedia Arara leads you through a beautiful invocation to call upon the energies of Merlin and the Moon Goddess, and take you on a mediation of healing, grounding and balancing, as well as auric clearing and connecting you into the full moon energies. You will then be able to listen to Merlin channeled live on the night. You will go on a self realisation exercise to look at anything that is still lingering energetically you wish to be set free from in your soul redemption journey. You will receive a Merlin ascension sphere attunement so Merlin can perform deep healing on you and upgrade your frequency in preparation for the full moon journey of healing.

Auraengus Manu, who is a Merlin Vortex Wizard, will then lead you all through a group Merlin Vortex healing session. This will be deeply soothing and you will also have the opportunity to manifest with this full moon’s fire energy to set the wheels of motion for your life in the New Earth trajectory.

Alphedia Arara supports the healing process with sound healing, channeled through from Merlin, drum, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, percussion and other sacred instruments. This is the first full moon in October the blue moon month and Merlin is a powerful ally to have by your side going forward in the creation of the New Earth wisdom.

Channeled Message from Merlin:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Merlin the wizard. As always it is with great delight I come forward at this time.I come forward at this time to assist you all with the next stage of your inner journeys of truth.I come forward to support you all as you readjust to living within the New Earth.You have travelled through the Rainbow Gateway, you have been on your own unique journeys to get you to this place, not only on Earth but in other Galaxies and Dimensions.As I work on your soul redemption, I work not only for you but for the whole of your monadic group structure.I work to support you and aid you in fully reclaiming your sovereignty and power to manifest, to shed old habits and judgements and to be able to live in joy, in happiness, and soul liberty.The external world may be placing restrictions upon you physically but internally you are growing, you are thriving, you are reawakening through the star-seed academy truths.I, in particular, wish to work with you in the Earth plane. I wish to take you to a very ancient high vibration spot in nature.This is within the Callanish stone circle complex. Some of you may have travelled physically to Callanish.

We are ready to fully awaken the Stargate portal now the New Earth has been birthed.We are going to bring through the new codes of truth, we are going to embed the unique keys that your soul has come to anchor from all dimensions within the galaxy and to the Earth plane.And so, I am known as the Celtic Magician, and it is through returning to the Celtic lands many of your souls are longing but it is for this moment when your matrix is able to be flooded with unique frequencies your soul seeks for its true liberation point.Blessed be and Adoni.”
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