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Hathors Transmission : Healing the Separation from the Divine

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The Hathors have a very soothing energy and wish to help you disconnect from the grief of separation from the divine. They are very powerful benevolent beings who create a deep sense of peace when they are around.

The Hathor Star Beings have come forward again to offer their services to assist us at this time. They are an ancient civilisation who have been supporting Earth for thousands of years. They are most famously recognised as working through the Goddess Hathor in the Egyptian civilisation.

They are an ascended race vibrating at 4th-12th dimensional consciousness and have been through their own ascension process many eons ago. They are masters of healing through sound and the heart.

  • Alphedia Arara channels live transmissions from them to offer and support you on deep soul healing work. Through meditation and sound healing your energy can make the vibrational shifts to move you to the next stage of your ascension.
  • Alphedia uses her voice, singing bowls, and drum to bring through this transmission from the Hathors. It is a channeled transmission, and no previous experience of working with the Hathors star beings is necessary to receive their healing light.

Channeled Message from the Hathors

Greetings, we are the Hathor Star Beings.

We come forth to offer another healing transmission to prepare your energy fields for the vibrational shift occurring at the Summer Solstice.

In this Transmission we wish to support you on a disconnection from the grief of separation stored in your Solar Plexus Chakras. This grief is multi layered and plays out in many forms for you affecting your life. Depression occurs when a soul forgets their purpose for being in body.

We wish to assist you in clearing any confusion about your purpose for being on Earth and how to fulfil this purpose. One of the main blocks for a soul in physical body we can see is fear of rejection. As souls you all seek acceptance, every soul is unique within a human body.

Your societies condition you into a societal norm which is the collective consciousness of how to behave and be when on the physical plane.

As lightworkers you are aware on a higher level of multidimensional consciousness, this already sets you apart.

Many souls come to Earth and feel lonely, unusual, unaccepted and this can lead to feelings of loss and depression.

Depression can manifest in many forms and severity from severe to slight unhappiness, frustration or fear of the Earth Walk. Now by returning to your inner connection with the Divine within brings you great comfort and joy.

In this Transmission we will work with your solar plexus chakras to clear the grief separation anxiety we see within you.

We will work on empowering you as Sovereign Divine Beings.

We will assign you four Hathor guides who will be with you until the shift at the Summer Solstice. They will be aiding you with vibrational frequency shifts to help you feel accepted and whole again. By this we mean whole in your connection to Divine Source.

They will work to reassure you of your journey as a Soul on Earth at this time and assist with bringing greater Divine Inspiration into your daily experience. We Hathors will bring in three higher frequency sound transmissions to align you more easily with Divine Will.

These will reassure your soul at this time of great change on Earth.

It is with great joy we bring this Transmission and Guidance through. Namaste.”
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