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Healing Atlantean Karma Workshop

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In this powerful healing workshop the Angels of Atlantis aid you in clearing out past life trauma and karma from the Atlantean epoch.

During the time of ancient Atlantis great advanced spiritual technology was created on Earth and it was one of the highest vibration times to be present on this great planet.

However, towards the end of the Atlantean epoch many suffered trauma and karma and pain that is stored within your DNA cell memories and the energies of 2016 will bring this strongly to the forefront and you will re-live similar emotional experiences until these are released.

The Angels of Atlantis stepped forward to offer this healing workshop channeled live on the day by Alphedia Arara to aid you in clearing out karma and trauma, to wipe the slate clean so that you can embrace the knowledge from this time period and release what no longer serves.

  • In the workshop the Atlantean Angels take you on a powerful chakra and auric clearing meditation. You receive an Atlantis Ascension Sphere attunement to reclaim knowledge that is beneficial for your soul. You are taken on a past life meditation to be shown by the Atlantean Angels the trauma that you are ready to release.
  • We work with them to reclaim dormant knowledge that has been inaccessible until this point when the energies on Earth are high enough for it to return.
  • You receive a Mahatma energy healing to boost your immune system and increase your energy frequency.
  • You also take part in a toning ceremony to activate a dormant Atlantean Temple of Light over the Atlantic Ocean. This dormant Temple of Light will activate to bring great healing to the Sea animals, the Whales and the Dolphins and you go on a guided meditation with the Atlantean Dolphins and receive an attunement from them to reconnect you to the Dolphin wisdom and knowledge.
  • You are also connected with an Atlantean guide who will help you to navigate the energies of this year.

Much trauma from Atlantis was released from Mother Earth in 2016 and you as lightworkers are being prepared to assist with these shifts not only for yourself but for the animal kingdoms as well.

Channeled message from the Atlantean Angels

We are the Atlantean Angels. We are a group of Angels that have formed to assist humanity in remembering their ancient Atlantean wisdom, their healing prowess but also to aid in clearing the trauma many many of you lightworkers on Earth are carrying from Atlantean experiments.

Genetic manipulations occurred during Atlantis and for some of you, you have energetic imprints of organs to reclaim. For some of you, you require to be disconnected from Anunnaki programming and for others of you who were there at the end when Atlantis sank, great deep heart sorrow and trauma is now ready to be processed from you to aid you in having a more lightened heart, to feeling more joy and peace within yourself.

This will be a high vibration workshop which will bring forward activation codes which will bring your inner transformation. If you are drawn to be reading this, you are ready for this vibration and this shift.

You have accelerated well into fifth dimensional consciousness and this will aid you in further acceleration and soul growth. It is an honour, a privilege for us to offer this deep healing opportunity for humanity. Namaste.”
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