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Healing Inner Anger Towards the Masculine : Kwan Yin & Mary Magdalene

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This workshop has been called on by Mother Gaia at this important time to support us all to ascend higher with greater ease to remove the obstacles to inner peace and contentment and harmony within all.

Alphedia Arara invites you to this powerful workshop, channeled by the Goddess of Compassion Kwan Yin and Lady Mary Magdalene.

These two beautiful Goddesses representing the Divine Feminine offer to assist us all in healing anger towards the masculine energies.

Mother Gaia with her upgrade of the templates at the Solstice point in December 2019 is birthing the new frequencies through the Heart Portals.

Within all souls on Earth are the yin – yang balance of the Masculine and the Feminine, so whether you are in a masculine incarnation or a feminine incarnation it makes no difference.

The masculine energies; the energies of action, the energies of protection, the energies of intellect, we all carry and yet the way the masculine energies have dominated Humanity’s consciousness since the fall of Atlantis, and before, have generated unconscious anger which is festering within your souls.

These two beautiful Goddesses wish to assist us all in overcoming this anger frequency:

  • They channel live through Alphedia Arara to explain the importance of this inner work for the Ascension process of Earth going forth.
  • You go on a Guided Meditation, channeled live and supported by sound healing, to help you balance the masculine and feminine aspect of self, to help you recognise any emotions that you feel towards your masculine aspect which reflects your views towards the masculine aspect of all.
  • You go on a Self Realisation exercise to experience and see wisdom from the Goddesses on any emotions that are over pinning or under pinning the anger towards the masculine aspect.
  • You also experience a Divine Masculine Ascension Sphere Attunement to bring healing through as well as guidance on any karma, ancestral or past life, that requires to be neutralised, as well as deep healing on any pain that you are experiencing because of this anger. The right side of the body is the masculine side and can also be an indicator of imbalance.
  • You then experience a full channeled Soul Healing Experience to disconnect you from the anger morphic field grid of Earth.
  • We then do an Earth Healing Transmission to neutralise the anger morphic field grid within the consciousness of all of Humanity which plays out through violence towards other humans, towards animals, trees, waters and skies. The aim of this is to assist with Earth Healing and returning Mother Gaia’s environmental systems back to homeostasis balance within in.

This workshop has been called on by Mother Gaia at this important time to support us all to ascend higher with greater ease to remove the obstacles to inner peace and contentment and harmony within all.

Channeled Message from Kwan Yin

Greetings, greeting, greetings dear one.

I am the Goddess Kwan Yin. It is an honour for me to come forward and talk directly this way.

I am able to see that for many of you my compassion codes, that I will release for you through this experience, will help you to be able to neutralise any anger that you are carrying.

Many of you are carriers of the Magdalene Divine Feminine Codes, many of you carry anger at the Masculine from this experience and many of you now are starting to realise that this anger is not yours alone, it is collective.

It is insidious and subtle and saps your energy.

It is time to break free of this experience and to neutralise the effects that this anger miasm on Earth causes.

As more and more do this inner work this will then filter down into a reflection of the consciousness of humanity at large.

There is no requirement for the aggression vibration on Earth anymore, there is no requirement for the injustice vibration anymore.

These are born out of judgments of others and if one does not hold an expectation of how they believe life should be then one cannot feel unjust.

One can observe a situation neutrally and take action through compassion, compassion neutralises anger in a way few remember but I the Goddess of Compassion wish to assist you all through a Compassion Initiation which will elevate your holographic matrix and its vibratory frequency 20%.

Now you have been through massive upgrades over the last few years and this is the time of consolidation, it is the time to rebalance and the eclipse energies have heralded this in.

So I ask you now, are you ready to be of service? Are you ready to be released from the old matrix?

I know that you are and I will support you each and every way.

Adoni and Namaste.”
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