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Healing Inner Grief with Archangels Raphael, Chamuel and Charity

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Go on a beautiful meditation with the Archangels to disconnect from the grief morphic grid and experience deep soul healing.

At this time on Earth many are processing inner soul grief. In this workshop, supported by the Angel of Healing Archangel Raphael, and the Angels of the Heart Chakra, Chamuel and Charity, Alphedia leads you on a beautiful 45 minute channelled meditation, to offer your soul deep healing and disconnection from the grief morphic field grid.

Grief is a vibration borne out of loss, borne out of the inability to process loss and is a vibration that causes many souls to stay in a grief carousel effect for many lifetimes. Mother Gaia at this time on Earth, as she further releases more of her Earth templates is bringing up the morphic field of grief to be eradicated from the Planet. This will effect all souls, even those who are unconscious of any grief vibration within them.

The Archangels Charity and Chamuel will support deep heart healing, as it is the heart chakra that is often most effected by the grief vibration. The reason that grief is such a detrimental vibration to carry within your holographic matrix is it causes shock and inurement, stopping souls to be able to fully experience a heart felt existence on Planet Earth. Archangel Raphael, powerful angel of healing, will be working with the energies of Divine Love, to help you eradicate any attachment to the grief vibration and help you to identify where you have stored this vibration physically, mentally and emotionally within your body.

Throughout this powerful 45 minute deep meditation healing experience with the Angelic Realm, Alphedia Arara will also be channelling you a fully immersive sound healing experience. This will include Tibetan singing bowls, high vibration crystal singing bowls, percussion and light language voice chants.

This is an opportunity for you to allow yourself to become vulnerable within a safely held angelic space to help you process, release and be set free of a vibration that may have been ingrained into your holographic matrix for many, many lifetimes on Earth. You will also experience a full rebalance to help you integrate into the New Earth Templates, and to step fully into the current timeline with all your presence in the now moment.

Channelled Message from the Archangels

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Archangel Raphael, I come forward with delight to offer you our loving guidance and support now. We offer you the opportunity to not only deepen your connection with myself, Chamuel and Charity, but also the opportunity to evolve as souls in this fast track of ascension year on Earth. This is the year of the great mutation, it is a year when many doors are closing, and yet many new ones can now open. And one of the doors that must close on Planet Earth is the grief response that was programmed into humanity at the fall of Atlantis. Up until that point, the consciousness of Atlanteans was high enough to know that holding on to the vibration of loss and expressing this through a grief state was one of the most detrimental vibrational states to be in. We will take you to an ancient Angelic Ashram. This ashram is located over the area on Earth known as the Himalayas.

The purity of the light on this location on Earth in the country known as Bhutan will support us as we do our deep inner grief soul processing work. We will help you to emotionally balance, but also to emotionally release the grief frequencies. We will work on the refinement of your holographic matrix and also the vibration of Love will play an important role through our healing process. We are all deeply honoured and excited to support you through this journey back to wholeness and as you love yourself whole, you start to surpass the limitations that had been placed upon you.In this meditation, you will also be opening up more fully to the vibration of self love, as well as honouring the light within. Namaste”

Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such a powerful transmission and healing, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

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