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Healing Relationship With Self Archangel Michael & Celestial Light Beings Full Moon Workshop

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The Celestial Light Beings, Archangel Michael and Lady Faith assist you in healing the relationship with yourself and help to increase your energy vibration.

In this full moon workshop, led by Alphedia Arara, she connects you with the Celestial Light Beings, Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. This full moon was known as the Full Snow Moon in the star sign of Gemini.

  • You experience a live channeling and are supported by the sounds of the sacred heart drum and Tibetan singing bowls which Alphedia channels along with a guided meditation led by these great beings.
  • You go on self realisation exercises to look at areas of your life or body that you would like to focus on healing.

Channeled message from the Celestial Light Beings

Greetings we are the celestial light beings, and we come forward at this moon workshop, aided and assisted by the powerful energies of Archangel Michael and his consort Lady Faith. To assist you in harnessing the energies of this full moon in Gemini in the sun sign of Sagittarius.

This moon is about settling into being, by this we mean, acknowledging who you are, finding yourself, and letting go of the personas and the personalities that are projected onto you by yourself and others.

This moon is about healing the relationship with yourself and we celestial light beings are 18th dimensional beings, we do not take physical form, but we understand that while you are on the earth plain you are trapped in polarity but by increasing your energy vibration you allow yourself to step out of polarity and to see polarity for what it is, actually an illusion.

And therefore in this moon cycle, we, supported by Archangel Michael and Lady Faith, are aiding you in letting go of the shackles that hold you back in life by exposing you to our high frequency energy with Archangel Michael the Angel of Protection anchoring you, whilst we do this powerful healing meditation.

We awaken you into a state of bliss…a state where you can let go of pains, aches, illnesses if you are willing and ready to do so, we will programme high frequency light into your bone marrow, which creates your blood and then filters through your whole body.

This will allow you to have a powerful experience in holding higher frequency light. You may wonder why holding higher frequency light is beneficial it is because the energies of 2016 are incredibly powerful.

For those who are doing no energy work it can be a year of struggle, a year of personal crisis, but if you have prepared your energy field to as high a frequency as what we offer you then it will not come as a shock, it will be easier to transit through the changes of energy.

This is all we have to say just now, Namaste.’
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