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Healing The Monadic Soul Group

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Workshop date: 11 June 2017
Duration approximately: 4.5 hrs
Please note: Audio download available. There is no personal message available with this recording

By doing Monadic Soul Group Healing you not only alter your energy vibration but that of your Soul Group collective. For you are one of twelve going through this Ascension journey.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 11th June 2017.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara channels through the energies of Archangel Raphael, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and the energies of Lord Matreya. These powerful beings of light assist you in connecting you with your monadic soul group.

There are 11 other beings of light who carry the same soul signature as yourself. Some people call them their twin flames and others call them their soul family.

The label is not important. However now, as the energy is increasing on Earth it is important to reconnect with your soul family, whether they are incarnate on earth or busy in the other realms.

For each one of them has an impact on your souls' progression.

  • In this workshop Alphedia Arara explains more in depth of who your Monadic soul group are.
  • You go on deep meditations to connect with your soul group to find out what your group soul mission is. Also to bring about healing of any discord or disharmony within and between any members of the group.
  • This work is done through attunements, meditations and powerful healings with crystals.
  • You call forth and work with the holographic matrixes of the others of your Group.You have the opportunity to find out who they are, where they are and how they are doing in their mission.

Each soul group is complex and therefore this will be a very personal and individualised journey with the healing.

Perhaps you suffer from anxiety, perhaps you suffer from particular ill health. Now these may not be your own soul issues but perhaps a mirror of what is going on through out your own monadic soul group.

By doing this healing work you will be able then to step with full understanding into your role within your Monadic Soul Group. This will bring deep comfort and peace to your soul to recognise and remember you are part of twelve.

Working with the "I am" presence this is an opportunity for you to become fully realised in who you are.

The energies of this time support this transition, you will each receive a personal channeled message whether you are attending or taking part distantly.

This was a live channeled workshop with sound healing, crystal activations and deep healing.

These three powerful beings of light have stepped forward to offer to assist you as you are ready to do this work.

  • Archangel Raphael is the powerful Angel of Healing
  • Lord Matreya carries the Christed Light codes onto the Earth.
  • Djwhal Khul is the Ascended Master who removes negative thought forms and energy and he channeled through Alice Bailey information about the monadic groups.

Channelled message from Archangel Raphael

Greetings, it is with great joy that we can bring forth this healing opportunity for you now as many light workers are now ready to delve into a deeper understanding of their work at the Monadic level.

This requires advanced consciousness and if you are reading this message you already have this. By reconnecting you to your soul family you will already feel a deeper understanding of who you are. You will feel less isolated and more centred.

Know that this work not only has ramifications for this lifetime but all your future lives. And you can in this healing opportunity go back and heal any past life trauma that may be affecting your Monadic Soul Groups energy.

So you are 1 of 12 holographic matrixes that are formed within a larger holographic matrix. Some of you will have met other aspects of your monadic group, others may still be searching. And for some you may have chosen to be the sole missionary on Earth.

But whatever your circumstances know that you are ready to have this knowledge, you are ready to remember, the other aspects of who your are and you are ready to support this global consciousness awakening shift.

Enjoy this deep healing at a soul level. This is an opportunity for you to let go of much grief, fear and trauma that you may be carrying at a monadic level.

It is with great honour and privilege that we offer this healing work. Namaste and Adoni."
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