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Healing yourself with the Power of Love

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It is through the Power of Love, the Angels say, that we will inner transform aches, pains, emotional trauma, unhappiness, grief, guilt, anger and fear.

Alphedia Arara channels the powerful energies of Chamuel, the Archangel of the Heart and Relationships, and Raphael, the Archangel of Healing, for February’s hours angel meditation.

The energies of this time are asking us to heal deep inner wounding that many of us are unconscious of. This wounding can be manifesting in different forms in your current timeline experience. These powerful archangels wish to support us in loving ourself well, completely and whole.

They wish to support us at this time, after the eclipse, in bringing through the new higher frequency light that is available, and processing these new codes frequencies which came in to support our ascension journey in 2018.

As always, Alphedia also channels the singing bowls, drum, percussion and voice to bring in sound healing to support your deep mediation journey.

At a time when life is so stressful for many, the angel meditations give you an opportunity to not only connect with your angelic guides, but to be healed, supported and prepared on a deep energetic level for the next phase of the ascension path

Every February, a portal of love opens up on Mother Earth. You can work with these powerful Archangels to support your ascension journey with connecting to the love code frequencies at this time.

Channeled message from Archangels Raphael and Chamuel

Greetings, beloved ones, we come forth to shower you in Divine Love and Deep Joy.

We can see that many of you are embarking upon deep processing after the energies of the partial Solar Eclipse. This is an opportunity for you to surrender conditioning, trauma memories and other vibrations that are stopping you connecting on a deep level with the Pure Love of the Divine Source.

We wish to support you through the Power of Love to transform inwardly. How many of you truly know what it is to be Love? To deeply Love yourself, and to have a deep Love for others.

As humans, you have been conditioned with your love, for none we have seen yet live on earth with a 100% open heart chakra. This affects all your relationships, some of you struggle to find love, to be in a relationship, others of you are trapped or are accepting second best.

For some of you, you feel unworthy to truly, unconditionally love yourself and to be Love in every experience.

We start to teach you about the importance of self love, the importance of self value, and the importance of deeply nurturing and loving experiences and relationships in your lives.

We start to heal down through the time lines, the memories of this and past lives, as well as future lives, that cause you to be where you are at today.

We wish to take you to a Healing Ashram. In this ashram, we will give you permission to love. We will work on any physical body issues, any mental body issues, any emotional body issues and any spiritual issues. For many of you feel as if you are unable to hear or see clearly psychically, that there is something lacking, that you are not whole enough.

Once we bring through the healing to support you, to reassure you, to remind you what it feels like to experience the absolute soul bliss of Divine Love.

You will be altered and remember this forever.

In the Ashram, we will not only work on your chakras and your aura, but your Merkaba Light Body.

We wish to relax you all, for we have noticed deep anxiety running through human consciousness at this time. This is not to be unexpected, for all of the human consciousness is aware of a great change that is to come.

But as Lightworkers, you know how to transcend above the fear of this change. For you know this is your Divinity, this is your Divine birthright, your Divine path, and we are going to support you in allowing you the opportunity to experience Source Love.

We will also give you guidance on finding love, guidance on current relationships, and guidance on the relationship with yourself, and what you require to be doing at this time to love yourself more.

We offer you this opportunity to increase your energy vibration 20% at this time to prepare for the shift that will occur at the Equinox in March.

Know that putting down the foundations now will support you for the increased Light that will come onto the Earth in July.

We really wish to teach you about the importance of Being Love. We will bring forth your guides and ask you to come forth, for holding this vibration for human consciousness will open up doors for those who are unawake, who are unloved, and we will send healing to those who are feeling unloved all round the world. We will create a Vortex of Love to spread out to the land, to Mother Earth and the Elementals. We will bring through Earth Healing in this meditation also. It is a great privilege to have this opportunity. Namaste.”
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