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Heart Healing with Heart Centre Archangel Chamuel Meditation

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In this hour’s meditation led by Alphedia Arara, you on a sacred healing journey into the heart channelled through Archangel Chamuel, Archangel of the heart chakra.

Alphedia plays the sacred drum, Tibetan singing bowls and uses her Divine heart singing bowl which has been consecrated with unconditional love from the Divine Mother at this time. Enjoy this beautiful healing meditation

Channeled message from Archangel Chamuel

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings I am Archangel Chamuel. I am the Angel of the heart chakra and I wish to step forward to offer humanity a heart healing experience.

The astrological line up at this point in time is bringing up deep heart pain for many of you. Many of you are realising that you have blocked your heart and that you are not actually able to experience full joy and love, unconditional love in all its form and for this we angelic realm feel sad.

It was part of the annunaki programming to shut down your heart centres and now you are ready to return to your full sovereign power through deep heart healing.

In this meditation I will take you on a journey to explore the great wisdom within your heart. To unravel past life heart pain, to release judgements and personas of thyself and to allow you to move into a true sense of being. To reconnect you to the true soul that you are at a deep deep level.

A level that hasn’t been possible on Planet Earth since the great era of the golden age of Atlantis. You are all ready now to go to that deep place of heart Divine unconditional love and by finding that place within you, you will therefore find that within your relationships, in every area of your life.

Your relationship with money, relationship with family, with partners, with children, with animals, with the environment, with the crystals and all aspects of Divine Being.

I will also bring in the Seraphim Angels of light, the highest frequency Angels, to give your heart an energy upgrade as well as your auric field so that you can expand your auric field and move into an abundant state of being.

For this is a natural state for all children of the Divine light and we within the Angelic Kingdom are offering you the opportunity to find who you truly are. To remember that Divine spark clearly and to heal.

This will be a powerful healing opportunity for you at a soul heart level with Mother Father God. I offer it to you with divine grace, love and peace supported by the sounds of the ancient Tibetan singing bowls which will bring through deep heart healing for you. Namaste dear ones, Namaste.”
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