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Imbolc Earth Elementals Workshop

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The Earth Elementals are offering to help us deepen our connection with them and to support us with our own planting of seeds for oour spiritual growth for this coming year.

The Earth Elementals have come forward as Guardians of the Earth to ask for more people to communicate and connect with them.

Imbolc traditionally is celebrating the returning light and the promise of Spring. The Earth Elementals are awakening from their Winter slumber and starting to prepare for this year’s growth.

Alphedia introduces you to the Earth Elementals who wish to come forward; the Faeries, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Gnomes and any other Earth Elementals who wish to come forward.

This course is be spit into two locations; it starts at the Glenholm Spiritual Centre in Merlindale and then goes on location to Dawyck Botanic Gardens which is the National Tree Botanics of Scotland.

Here there are many Earth Elementals all excited to connect with Humanity again after the two month rest.

  • Alphedia channels messages from the Earth Elementals about their wish to deepen the communication between the Realms.
  • You go on a meditation to meet an Earth Elemental guide who is wishing to assist you, not only in your communication between the Realms, but in your Earthing and grounding at this time, aiding you to connect in to Mother Earth’s new frequency after the template upgrade at the Winter solstice 2019.
  • You go on an Earth Elementals Ascension Sphere Attunement to receive healing from the Earth Elemental Realms, and also
  • Go on a powerful guided meditation to connect with the Earth Elementals, receive healing and messages of guidance from them to aid you on your path this year.

You have the opportunity to metaphorically ‘plant the seeds of creation’ that you wish to bring into fruition with the Earth Sabbat cycles and then we journey go on location to meet with the different Elementals who wish to come forward.

We also do a Sun Ceremony to connect with the Sun God Lugh to aid us in receiving more light into our pineal glands to help us with this next stage of Ascension.

Channeled Message from the Earth Elementals

Greetings, greetings, greetings.

I am known as Antua, I am from the Gnome Kingdom and we are very excited to have this opportunity to work with Humanity this way.

We are delighted so many Earth healers are remembering their work with the Elemental kingdoms and are ready to receive missions and to work with us more closely.

This will bring great joy, not only to our souls and our race evolution, but also to you personally also.

This is an opportunity for us all to come together, to come together as One and to increase the Oneness between the realms, to aid you in remembering the work you have come onto Earth to do with the Elemental Kingdom and to allow us to use our Elemental magic healing to support you all in a re-connection with the Earth in her higher frequency rate.

You will also have the opportunity to meet Fawns often known as Goherts, Faeries, Wood Nymphs, Tree Spirits, Brownies, Elemental Elves, as well as the Dwarf Kingdom.

Now the Dwarves are very shy, it has taken us a lot of coaxing at Dawyck to get them to communicate with people.

They will come forward to bring their dwarf healing to assist you all also.

This is a powerful opportunity for us to connect with the light within each and every one.

We look forward to this special day. Blessed be.”

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