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Imbolc Fairy Workshop

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Connect with the maiden aspect of yourself to help you gather energy to start new projects, perhaps a new healthy eating plan, perhaps establish a new spiritual dedication path or just to get new inspiration to harness the energies of Spring.

Imbolc in the Celtic wheel is considered the first festival of spring and in 2016 it fell on the 4th of February. Traditionally this is known as a festival of light, to celebrate the return of the light onto the planet.

It is also often associated with the Celtic Goddess Brigid and she is a triple Goddess representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone. So at this stage the Goddess is in her Maiden stage and the energies of Imbolc are all about new growth.

Fairy Queen Maeve, who was the main guide while Alphedia Arara was writing her book Messages From Natures Guardians, came forward to offer this and we work with the fairies to help harness our creativity.

For its through creativity that you make changes in your life, whether it be a creative thought, or a creative project or even just deciding to look at areas of your life that your are feeling blocked and stuck in.

The fairies are excellent manifestors and we use this celebration of Imbolc to give thanks to the fairies and to give thanks to the Elementals and thanks to Mother Earth and also ask the fairies for healing for Mother Earth and ourselves at Imbolc.

  • The workshop includes invocations from the Fairy Realm, a guided meditation to clear your blocked creativity and to heal those areas of your life and a guided visualisation to manifest your future creative projects and changes for your life ahead.

Channeled Message from the Fairies

"Greetings, greetings greetings we are so delighted and honoured that you are giving us a voice so that we can offer to establish a connection with those on Earth who are ready to awaken and remember their times with the Fairy Realms.

We are masters of creativity and we want to help you harness the energies of this time. To be more creative in your thinking and in all areas of your life and being.

Through the element of fire we will bring creativity into being for you, also working with the Salamanders, the fire spirits, and this will support you in this time of new beginnings, through meditations, mantras and fire ceremony we will celebrate with you this Imbolc to help you feel renewed, refreshed and excited about the year ahead.

Join us for this Fairy celebration and make the changes in your life now as you call the Fairies in to support your journey into the light, Namaste, Blessed Be."
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