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Inner Child Healing Workshop

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Once you have healed any inner child pains your consciousness and psychic abilities expand. This will help you re-centre, re-experience the Love and the Joy of the Earth walk and allow you to rebirth into the new healed and whole YOU again.

Alphedia Arara was asked to channel Mother Mary, Goddess Isis and Goddess Kwan Yin to support you through a powerful Inner Child Healing Workshop.

This Inner Child Resurrection process assists you in deeply healing on a soul level.

You are nurtured, supported and loved unconditionally allowing you to be able to break down inner pain, inner resistance, to bring forth powerful spiritual healing to support you as the high frequency light descends onto Earth once again.

Alphedia is an experienced facilitator who guides you through the nurture process through her channeling ability.

  • Alphedia leads you through visualisations
  • Supports you in having a deep understanding of the core inner child wounding that is holding you back as a soul at this time, and
  • Heals you through crystal attunements, guided meditations and light code language frequency and sound healing.

This inner child resurrection will transport you further along your soul ascension journey with raising your energy vibration.

Once you have healed any inner child pains your consciousness and psychic abilities expand.

This will help you re-centre, re-experience the Love and the Joy of the Earth walk and allow you to rebirth into the new healed and whole YOU again.

This workshop not only brings through great healing for all who are guided, but catapults you with ease through the heart portal that opens at the Winter Solstice 2019 for we are now embarked upon the resurrection of the heart, the transformation into the higher heart frequencies which bring absolute soul bliss.

Know that you are all supported at the start of this journey by these powerful deities through sound healing and Divine guidance.

Whether you have inner child pain from this current incarnation or it is carried over from previous lives.

This deep wounding will have characterised you life and the lens you experience realities through.

It is time now for us all to purge the final part of the pain bodies.

Whether your wounding came through the feminine or masculine energies we are now being given the opportunity as souls to be free of it to not carry it forward in our energy field anymore.

The inner child aspect of us all, the purity and the soul potential requires now to be nurtured to support us in being rounded, spiritually fulfilled lightworkers.

What an exciting opportunity these deities offer.

Channeled Message from Mary Anna

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings. I am Mary Anna, known to many as Mother Mary.

I have been asked to come forth as a representation of the Divine Mother, along with Isis and Kwan Yin.

We wish to assist you all at this time on Earth overcoming your Inner Child wounding.

The Inner Child is the aspect of you that is pure, untainted and whole.

The Inner Child is wise, is confident and is powerful.

When a soul comes onto Earth the nature of the Earth walk experience is to be able to explore the Inner Child journey.

This is to explore challenges of, in the current case third dimensional reality, for the challenges of heavy veils.

Now the heavy veils purpose in this great experiment was to see how long it took souls to return to the Inner Child aspect once they had diverted from it.

Earth is created full of distractions, amusements, to provide the soul with opportunities to step into mastery and to grow.

What is occurring now is the damage that has been done to many souls through incarnating on Earth, requires reprieve, requires the healing and the Divine has released at the 11.11 portal codes and frequencies to assist you all with this Inner Child wounding healing.

The child is borne from the Mother – it is the Mother whose nature is to nurture and yet the pain that many souls experience whilst in the Earth experiment has damaged that aspect of nurture.

So we come forward to nurture you with our loving mothering energies, come forward to take your rage, to take your fear, to take your pain, to neutralise it, transmute it, to aid you in the journey in return to wholeness through the Inner Child Resurrection Initiation.

It is the start of the journey.

2020 is the year where this will fully come into being.

Are you ready to start this journey of deep inner soul healing?

Are you ready to let go of the wounding to find that peace and contentment and nurture within again?

Can you hear the soul call of your soul asking to be set free from the torment it has been held within?

You are all at different levels through this Inner Child Resurrection process.

Some of you are embarked upon the full resurrection after the Equinox in September.

Many of you who were not ready for that experience yet are ready to begin gently and lovingly with the Inner Child process.

We offer you a balm, salve, of what is a gaping wound within many.

Feel the mothering energies nurture her child and through guided meditation, healings and ego deactivations this pain you have been carrying as children of the light can now begin to unravel and go.

We will support you, each and every one, through this inner healing journey to increase your worthiness, to increase your confidence and love for self, to help you feel the extraordinary Being of Light you are.

Know that our love and guidance will support each and every one of you on the way.

Further mastery of the ego self, further understanding of who you are, the role as to why you are here will be explained also.

So we look forward to working with you all. Namaste.”
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