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Inner Earth Shambala Dragon Realm Transmission

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The Dragons are calling those lightworkers who are here to catalyse change on Earth, who are here to assist with the great global shifts. This transmission offers you the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of your role.

The Dragon Realm are returning to Earth to assist with Gaia’s ascension process. Many of those who feel, hear or see the call of the Dragons in their life have trained as Dragon initiates in past lives.

You have returned to Earth now to assist with this great awakening, spiritually, that is occurring for the planet. Many of you hold a key within you to help with this Dragon portal opening.

  • Alphedia Arara channels a transmission from the Dragon realm. This transmission includes a channeled message about what is occurring on this date and then a 50 minute guided meditation, where you are taken by the Dragon Realm into the centre of Mother Earth, to the inner city of Shambala.
  • When you enter Shambala, you feel your energy frequency increasing in vibration. You are led on a pilgrimage with the Shambalans to the Dragon mound. Here you will meet the Dragon Wisdom Keeper of Shambala and take part in a sacred ceremony to birth the Dragons onto Earth.
  • In this journey, you receive wisdom from the Dragon Keeper about your role and work with the Dragon Kingdom for Earth healing, for personal healing and for assistance as a lightworker and Dragon Initiate in the Earth’s ascension process.
  • You will have your Dragon Heart Key activated and you will be brought forth and be activated by the Dragon Wisdom Keeper and place the key that you are holding into the Dragon portal.
  • You will then witness, with everyone on Earth, the portal opening on the 25th of October 2017.
  • The Dragons begin to birth through, with the new wisdom and knowledge that they are bringing to the Earth to speed up this great change known as the Ascension Process.
  • You will receive wisdom from the Dragon Keeper of your role as a Dragon initiate now on Earth.
  • You will also be taken on a journey with the Dragons that have just birthed, to either the Dragon healing temple, the Dragon ascension temple or to areas of Earth where the Dragons are showing you, to focus your healing intention on to be of service to humanity, to the Divine and to Mother Gaia, as well as the Dragon Realm.
  • You will receive a chakra clearing by two of the new Dragons that are birthed on this day, which will change your vibratory status and aid with clearer communication with the Dragon Realm.
  • You will also receive a necklace, which is a clear quartz faceted point from the Dragon Wisdom Keeper. He gives you this to wear energetically on the surface of the Earth and to help increase the power that you feel within, and to give you confidence and deeper knowledge and understanding of the ascension shifts and your role as a Dragon Initiate in stabilising the Earth energies.
  • You will also receive a gift from the Dragon realm, as well as wisdom and messages from them at this time.

This is a very powerful transmission from the Dragon Realm, if you miss the portal time on the 25th of October 2017, know you can listen to this meditation and transmission and go back in time and still harness the full benefit of the transmission the Dragons have offered.

Channeling from the Dragon Realm

On the 25th of October an astrological alignment occurs which allows more Dragons to come to Earth.

This is a very auspicious day for the Dragon Realm. We receive new Dragons to Earth for the first time. This portal opens at 5am BST and it closes at 7pm BST the next day.

The Dragons and their Initiates on Earth will be welcoming this new light and wisdom flooding to Earth.

They have come as Mother Gaia has requested assistance with her inner transformation.

These Dragons will enter into the Inner Earth cities and be assisting with increasing the Earth energy frequency.

With regard to the assistance humans can offer, we wish to remind you to be in your hearts. Too many of you think with your head. It is not always about quantity but quality.

Remember there are far greater powers at work than your ego often allows you to see. Feel the truth and resonance in your hearts.

We ask for assistance this day, allow your minds to do their mind work another day if you wish but we know the ones who hear the call, will be with us that day. Namaste.”
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