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Inner Soul Resurrection Retreat

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The Inner Resurrection is the movement into full 5th dimensional consciousness while still in 3rd dimensional physical form. Egyptian Goddess Isis and God Osiris lead us in this channeled retreat deeper through the Ascension Process within. Offering you a unique opportunity to radically and comprehensively transform your holographic matrix and move further into soul mastery.

Inner Resurrection

This process began at the 21.12.12 moment but now as Mother Gaia has fully activated her Golden Earth Merkaba (Alphedia Arara led a group of 45 souls through this last year at the Activating Golden Merkaba Retreat at the same venue) the opportunity is now available for all souls who wish to move to living daily in their full Soul Truth expression.

This is known as the Unification process where one has moved out of inner separation through the ego self into a place of 5th dimensional soul mastery, being in love, joy, peace, acceptance in all moments.

Allowing you to live from a place of higher conscious awareness able to navigate your Earth walk with greater ease and understanding of the bigger soul picture playing out a large in all areas.

This allows you to live in mastery with ease and joy from your intuitive self navigating the higher frequency light downloads and utilising them for soul growth and healing.

To be able to see clearly your soul path ahead, remember the mission you came on and to be able to embody the higher light codes that are now available to Humanity again. Ultimately you are ready to return to the Golden Era of Consciousness once more.

This Inner Soul Resurrection allows you to:

  • shed the old paradigm way of being
  • move out fully from the 3D inverted matrix, service to self agenda
  • heal on a deep soul monadic level old wounding, karmic patterning and outmoded ways of being
  • hold the golden merkaba light within you which brings deep healing and easier manifestations allowing deep soul joy
  • create with fellow lightworkers the New Dawn Temples on Earth which will hold the Resurrection Codes for others to follow
  • be a leader catalysing change for all of Humanity, the Elementals and Gaia through increasing your intuition and psychic abilities

Goddess Isis and Lord Osiris and their son Horus are the archetypal energies who experienced the Inner Resurrection and bring their wisdom forth to assist us as we individually and collectively move into this new Golden Age.

The movement into a deeper and more profound connection with the Elemental and Dragon Realms in particular is achieved as we move into this place of Unity through the Inner Resurrection.

  • As we do this we will expand our consciousness 300 percent.
  • We remember Who We Are and why we are here on Earth
  • We are ready to lead the way to be an embodiment of our higher aspect of Divine Wisdom.

Inner Soul Resurrection Retreat Content

Through channeled messages of guidance, meditations, chakra healing and upgrading, group work sessions, crystal attunements as well as Earth Healing Activations and ceremonies you have the opportunity to release all that has been holding you back for many thousands of years on Earth.

You activate the Solar Diamond Light within your DNA, upgrade your Mer Ka Ba light body vehicle to the Golden Christ (the inner Oneness) vibration and this will allow communication with Star Being guides, your Monad Soul Group and your spiritual Council of Twelve (your 12 key guides on your ascension journey just now) to be clearer and more profound.

Working with your Council of Twelve will support an easier Earth walk path for you.

Part of this retreat includes working with Ancient Egyptian Cobra Healing Wisdom to aid you shedding the old self and resurrecting into your true self being.

Alphedia Arara, through self realization exercises, assists you in the shedding process helping you to notice patterning, personas and conditioning that is ingrained within you that are no longer serving your soul’s procession and growth development at this time.

Realization will assist you in removing the blocks presenting for you, moving forward with ease.

Deep healing is offered through sound and gong bath ceremonies.

Alphedia was a Priestess of the Isis temple of the Goddess and she will be teaching you about Resurrection through the rays of light.

You find the ray your soul carries and how to use it to help with Earth Healing work.

As always there is Earth Healing Work, this time with the Sidhe Faeries who are the land guardians and who are keen to make the unification of communication between the Faery realms and Humanity stronger so we can work in tandem protecting the Earth.

The retreat also includes a Star Being Transmission and Dunadd Fort was visited on the Equinox day 23rd August 2019 for the Inner Resurrection Moment.

We also visited Temple Wood Stone Circle to birth the resurrection codes of the Golden Dawn through the Star Gate Portal with the Golden Dragons.

Here you get your next stage of the mission information and any final healing your soul requires.

Part of this Soul Resurrection is to allow you to move out of the fall of consciousness agenda and catapult you through the Equinox portal which occurs at 8.50 am on Monday 23rd of September into the Golden Merkaba light within.

Once your light body Mer Ka Ba has activated fully into the Golden Light frequency this is the start of the Rebirth into the new you or rather the TRUE expression of you.

The Golden Divine expression of self which thousands of lightworkers are ready to harness and embrace now.

Auraengus Manu has pioneered the Resurrection journey this lifetime and as a homeopath and healer can advise on how to physically, mentally and emotionally support yourself through the inner shifts.

As you gather as souls to do the inner work and Earth healing know you are making a difference, not only to humanity but you personally and your family and to the whole universe.

This is unique opportunity for you to shine your light, to have an energy renewal and upgrade in a happy, supported, safe, nurturing environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to this special experience to transform not only yourself, Humanity but the whole Consciousness of Planet Earth.

Channeled Message from Lord Osiris

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Lord Osiris. I am known as the Egyptian Resurrection God.

As you know I went through the Resurrection Process with my wife Isis in order to birth our Holy Child Horus.

Now on Earth at this time Humanity has the opportunity to catalyse its consciousness into higher planes of existence and to fully begin the Process of Unification.

This process of unification was started at the 21.12.12 moment.

And seven years on from this moment, a new stage of awakening presents itself.

More of the Earth portals become accessible again for those souls who have been sent to Earth as Earth Healers.

They have been sent as Galactic Starseeds to activate the higher codes within the DNA and to reconnect with the Solar Diamond Light Consciousness.

Deep within Mother Earth lies a crystalline matrix that holds all the wisdom of this Universe’s evolution.

But the key code carriers, the way showers, the pioneers of Ascension are being called to step up now, to increase their vibrational frequency and start to manifest the New Dawn on to Earth.They do this through Unification with the Elemental Realms, the Dragon Kingdom the Star Races, the activation of the Holy child within, the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine.

Within each Human there is a merkaba light body and this Equinox presents the opportunity for those souls who have been ready to do the hard work, to step into the new Divine Blueprint and to release the ego, to be able to upgrade their merkabas to the Golden Merkaba Within.

The Resurrection Process is complex and depending on who comes forth ready to be of service to themselves, in terms of upgrading the merkaba, but also for the whole Human Consciousness, will depend on the information that we bring forth.I will be working alongside my wife Isis, the Divine Mother, and my son Horus the Unification example.What benefit is it for you to do this intense work?

You are all part of a monadic group structure, at this time the collapsing of the old paradigm karma duality cycle is in progress.

This may take many lifetimes for some incarnating on to Earth, but you have the opportunity now through doing this inner resurrection work to be free from the karmic loop, to be elevated in your consciousness, to be able to understand, to know to feel and see the collective mission and your part within it.

To hear the call of the great Mother Gaia and to step into the Christed Golden Light Matrix.

Now the Christed Golden Light Matrix is activated through the Stellar Gateway.

The Stellar Gateway was only able to open fully for Humanity after the 21.12.12 moment.

But now you are ready, through your higher consciousness to start to fully utilise this chakra and we will teach you daily practices in order to allow yourself to fulfil your soul purpose.

As we gather together in the Equinox moment, the moment of balance, the shift can occur to take you into this place of higher unity consciousness through meditations, attunements, sacred geometry activations, we will prepare your Merkaba Light Vehicle.

Working with the Dragons and the Elementals we will offer ceremony for the Unification between the Realms.

Working with fire ceremony, sound healing activations, crystal geometry grid layouts.

We will activate you within the Portal at Dunadd.

There is a reason why this hill was chosen to crown the Kings, the Leaders of the nations.

For you are all ready to become the Leaders of the New Dawn to resurrect out of the trauma and the pain and return to the Golden Light Consciousness fully ready to awaken within you all.

It is our privilege and honour to invite you to be part of this sacred journey, soul resurrection, to enter into this place of inner peace, love and clarity for the mission ahead.

We look forward to supporting you all.



"This was my first retreat with Alphedia. If I had one word to describe the experience it would be CHANGE. I am regularly participating in Alphedia's workshops for about 2 years now and I often feel that layers get peeled away for the truth and love and grace within me to come through. With this workshop it was layers, and layers and layers. I now feel a true remembrance of who I am, how to access what my soul already knows and how to be. I'm not saying everything is sorted, the journey continues, but the retreat was a real game changer. All the while you get the opportunity to connect with many beautiful and like minded souls, spend time in lovely holiday cottages in the gorgeous Scottish landscape of Kilmichael Glen and get to taste yummy food. Alphedia is a very experienced and generous workshop facilitator. Always personal in her approach she will go the extra mile in order to bring through healing, wisdom and love - and even tough love if that is necessary to foster growth and development. The retreat and every being joining it was beautifully held by Alphedia and Auraengus and I feel blessed for being part of it. With heartfelt thanks." Yvonne, UK

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