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Integrating the Christed Light Workshop

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Alphedia Arara was asked by Mary Magdalene and Jesus to bring through this workshop to assist you with your integration of the Christed Light Codes that are descending onto Planet Earth now.

The Christed Light Codes were set in motion during the Atlantean Epoch. At this time the soul that was Jesus, sometimes known as Lord Sananda, was sent to Earth as a female High Priestess to bring the codes on to Earth to prepare for what was to come 2000 years ago when he incarnated as a soul named Jesus.

His consort and spiritual partner during that time, known as Mary Magdalene, was also present as a High Priestess in Atlantis and together they have been working on anchoring Christed Light Codes of Love and acceptance onto the Earth.

Now as Planet Earth moves more fully into the Photon Belt and more light is being released we are increasing in consciousness. We are moving into a phase of fifth dimensional awareness, remembering our own soul sovereignty and stepping fully into our spiritual power.

However each individual, due to past life experiences, karma, trauma and soul origin will integrate these codes differently into their energy fields. The Christed Light Codes are here to empower us and to aid us in understanding our spiritual truths, reminding us why we have come to Earth and what we as souls have to offer as part of this ascension process.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara assists you in harnessing the Christed Light Codes.

  • She enables your body to start to integrate and to process them through channeled meditations, initiations, crystal attunements and toning and sound frequencies.

This workshop took place on the Easter Weekend and assists you in harnessing, accepting, re-activating and re-remembering your part in the story of Christ as well as for the newer souls to aid you in the integration of becoming the Christ. Jesus came to Earth to show us a path. A way out of the darkness of Roman times and a way to move forward in harmony and peace.

The energies on Earth are now ready for this to be so as more and more people awaken daily to the spiritual call within them (their inner Christ).

This is a non denominational workshop with no religious connotation focusing on the spiritual light codes that Mary Magdalene (now recognised as a disciple and apologised to by the Catholic Church)

Channeled Message from Jesus

Greetings, greetings, greetings and what a joy it is to see so many of you ready. Ready to hear the call, ready to remember your power, ready to remember who you are and ready to anchor and harness these codes into your energy matrix.

By allowing this energy to filter into your energy matrix, you create a vortex of light around your auric field. This means that when you come in contact with other souls, particularly souls who are un-awakened, just by your presence your vortex starts to bring light into their being.

For some people this will be exhilarating and exciting as they start to remember who they are. For others who are too much in ego, too much in fear, or too controlled by persona’s or personalities this can be scary and your relationships can change.

But know that you all live in a world where you attract to yourself your vibrational frequency matches.When you are ready to anchor fully and integrate the Christed Light Codes, new high vibration souls will be drawn into your life, wonderful events will occur and doors will open but do not be under any illusion that this path will not present challenges.

For you all carry your own personal trauma.As you bring this light into being, your guides and myself and Mary Magdalene will be assisting you in freeing yourself from that you may be unaware of, that is not serving you.

My beloved consort Mary, will be bringing through the Divine Feminine Light in this workshop and you will receive a Divine Feminine Attunement from her heart. For some of you this will be an incredibly emotional attunement as you will be able to know how loved you are by the feminine.

We are the representation of the balance; the Christ Light is often thought of as masculine but it is only on Earth that duality exists. For us the Divine Feminine and the Christed Light when they integrate together, create a powerful force field which can transform your existence.

We offer you this healing three hours in love and in gratitude for your service to the light. We look forward to joining with many of you to assist you at a deep cellular level in moving up to the next stage of your spiritual evolution and assisting you in integrating higher frequency light.

Setting you free from illusions and allowing you to move into a place of contentment, peace, harmony and bliss. Namaste.”
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