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Into the Womb of Mother Earth Workshop: feel unconditionally loved, nurtured, and supported

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Join Alphedia Arara, the Green Man and Lady and the Ascended Master Hilarion who are going to take us into the womb of Mother Earth.

We are all born forth out of our mothers womb and the energetic womb space of Mother Earth is a place of safety, a place of nurture, a place of abundance, healing, and fulfilment.

In this workshop, Green Man and Lady and Master Hilarion wish to connect you with this nurturing space in order to assist you with healing any inner child hurt and trauma. To help you feel unconditionally loved, nurtured, and supported. As the Green Ray returns, as the trees spring forth into flower, at this time in the northern hemisphere their roots are all connecting deep within this inner womb chamber energetically of Mother Earth.

Through this workshop they will be connecting you to the vitality energy that is available to us as humans to harness when we walk in nature, as we connect to the healing energies of which the Green Man and Green Lady provide energetically at this time of year.

Master Hilarion is also a keeper of the Green Ray light codes and as you journey into the womb of the earth you will start to become aware of the unconditional support and love that is available there for you at any time.

Alphedia Arara will channel through an invocation for you to say, which you can say daily so you can reside within this inner womb sanctum of Mother Earth to nourish you, to support you and sustain you through the coming months.

  • You will be taken on a guided meditation to meet the deities and to receive personal wisdom and guidance from them about the healing that your inner child is seeking at this time. The inner child is not only affected by what is occurred to you in this lifetime in infancy and childhood but the karma and trauma you have carried over from previous timelines as the soul.
  • You will experience a live channelling from the deities and then have the opportunity to acknowledge your inner trauma through a beautiful sacred instrument sound healing journey. This will allow you to become aware of emotions that are stored deep within your matrix now ready to be released.
  • You will experience a beautiful ascension sphere attunement to the vibrations of Mother Earth’s womb and then be led on a beautiful channelled live, guided meditation to enter into the womb space of Mother Earth to receive profoundly deep healing.

This will be preparing your own energetic womb space for the frequency shifts that will be occurring during eclipse season which begins on the 28th May.

The workshop will finish with a beautiful Green Ray crystal skull healing from Samanka, the stunning green jasper crystal skull.

As always those who are able to attend live can receive assistance from Alphedia Arara in identifying some pressing issues within your inner child at this time.

Channelled Message from the Green Man:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am the consciousness of the Green Man. It is an honour and joy to come forward with the Green Lady to support you with this deep inner healing work. As you do this work on yourself you not only clear the trauma from your future lineage and any children that you have created but you also allow yourself to step onto a life path where you are no longer living through the paradigm lens of the wounded inner child.

All of humanity at this time is carrying inner child wounding because of the karmic wheel but also because of the vehicle, the mothers you were birthed through. Humanity has not been in a place of purity for thousands and thousands of years and it is time for you all to start to move to this place of purity in order for the Portals to open up at the Summer Solstice (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) in June. In this workshop we will be taking you deep into this womb of the Earth. We will take you deep into this chamber of creation to allow your soul to relax.

To allow your soul to be unburdened, and to allow you the choice to step out of being a pain carrier. Humanities consciousness has risen enough now that you are all able to have the choice as souls whether to stay stuck in this duality paradigm, stuck in this place where your ego still feels the need to rule. But you have the opportunity now to self nurture, to self revitalise, and self heal through the support and love and deep connection for this inner sanctum of the Womb of Mother Earth.

Know that this is a powerful workshop for those that are ready to hear the call, ready to pioneer forward Humanities Ascension and most of all to un-limit yourself, to unburden yourself and to allow yourself to really be free and step into your liberation. It is an honour and a joy for us to support you with this, Adoni, blessed be.”

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