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Karmic Wheel with the Lords of Karma & the Sirians Workshop

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The Lords of Karma explain what karma really is and how we can process and heal any karmic debt that we have incurred in previous incarnations to allow us to step out ultimately from the karmic reincarnation cycle should we wish.

Already the Sirians have bought forward in a transmission that many of us light workers are struggling because the karmic wheel has speeded up. This means that old karma is being bought up to the surface quicker than it has previously.

This is causing us to suffer physically. Symptoms may include headaches, bone pain, lethargy, tiredness, depression, anxiety or perhaps it is manifesting through organ failures and other ill health symptoms.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara introduces you to the Lords of Karma and the Sirian star race who are wishing to offer their services in assisting us in healing.

  • You are taken on channeled guided meditations, experience deep healing within your chakra system and within your central nervous system as they work to clear from you any stuck karmic energy often known as karmic knots.
  • You go an attunement with the Lords of Karma to be shown any karmic energy that is requiring balancing at this time as well as meeting guides who can assist you in your releasement of the Karma process.
  • You receive 3 attunement transmissions from the Sirians to help strengthen your holographic matrix, to allow you to be able to harness this healing process and also Alphedia also channels the Sirians live to allow you the opportunity to have an understanding of where you’re at in your own karmic journey.

Channeled message from the Lords of Karma

Greetings we are the collective consciousness of the Lords of Karma, we are a group of Ascended Masters from all different realms who watch over and assist with the Karmic recycling on planet Earth.

At this time of great ascension however shifts are occurring which means that as the Karmic wheel speeds up in its recycling. Many of you are not understanding or processing the lessons that are being presented for you.

We offer you in this workshop the opportunity for clarity but also for freedom. In two of the transmissions which the Sirians will bring through, these will be to empower you and to aid you and your ego in letting go of that which is keeping you still in Karmic cycle.

Now unlike what has been previously known about the Karmic cycle wheel you have a choice whether to come back and deal with your Karma. And those souls who do return to Earth do so when they have previously been before, as it is one of the quickest ways to clear out your karma.

Now, as the Karmic wheel speeds up this means that it can feel overwhelming at times. Now this overwhelmedness is due to your egos inability to take on Love frequency and therefore a Love transmission frequency will be bought forth from the Sirians to shift you into that vibration in all of your karmic dealings.

Now many of you may feel anger and frustration and not know why and this is often karmic. And the karmic wheel goes through stages of bringing up different emotions and we will give you the different stages of the karmic wheel over the next 18 months so that you can have this awareness and understanding as you progress through this next transition period.

Know that by giving you the tools to assist you with your karmic work you should find peace and resolution comes sooner to you."

“Now, I am known as Lord Maitreya and I am now in a new role as one of the Lords of Karma.

There are many other beings who sit on the board and there will be particular ones who you feel drawn to work with for healing your own karmic debt and we will take you on meditation so you are able to find who they are.

Know that this is important at this time, we have been waiting months to bring through this healing opportunity and we are grateful to the Sirians for stepping in and making this opportunity occur faster.

We hope many of you can join us as we offer you on earth this great gift of moving further into your light body consciousness.

Know you are ready now to for this next stage of ascension and this is a key ally, a key part of the healing journey for your all, Namaste and Adoni.”
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