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Know who you are - Meditation with the Archangels

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The powerful trio of Archangels, Sandalphon, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Shekina, have stepped forward to offer us a deep and nurturing soul healing experience, with the topic ‘Know who you are’.

Alphedia Arara brings through their energies and starts the workshop with a live channeling from the Angelic realm and then leads you on a full hour’s guided meditation to bring you support and inner transformation, nurturing and love from the Angelic realm.

She accompanies the guided meditation with a sound healing journey playing the Tibetan singing bowls, drum and percussion as well as channeling codes and frequencies through her voice toning.

These monthly Angel meditations always have deep lasting effects and allow you as Souls of Light on Earth to receive wisdom and information form the Angelic realm, as well as deep soul healing.

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron

Greetings it is with great joy I step forth to lead this powerful meditation journey as the Angel of Ascension.

I see it as critical at this time that you all start to awaken to the truth of who you are. Now while you are on the Earth you take on an individualised personality.

Some of you may be Walkin souls and have taken on the individualised personality, persona, way of being of another and yet ultimately, as Souls on Earth you are all seeking the same truth at this time, which is your inner truth.

The truth of who you are and the benefit of finding out the truth of who you are is multifactorial. Once you acknowledge, connect with and accept you are a vast Soul of Light that comes with many unique gifts, and wisdom as an aspect of Divine Source, you bring talents and abilities to the Earth.

Yet because of the karmic cycle on earth it is easy to become trapped in old ways of being, to repeat patterns, experiences and in this meditation we wish to take you to a special Ashram of Light called the Initiation Chamber.

Now in the initiation chamber you come here to prepare for your journey to earth, and we are offering up for Souls on Earth at this time to re-experience this Initiation Chamber, so that you can receive the wisdom and the knowledge, not about your mission but about you as a soul.

By doing this we hope you will anchor the acknowledgement of your Soul truth fully into being.For if one is certain within themselves of who they are, you have confidence.

You have spiritual power, you have clarity, you have clear sight and you have peace, soul peace. And soul peace is what the Earth requires at this time. She requires you to acknowledge the truth of who you are and to express that truth in all ways, daily.

Once you do this you step out of drama, you step out of monotony and old patterned thinking.

You have to make the choice and we beckon you to the light.I call upon Sandalphon my brother and Shekini my twin flame to support you in the pyramid formation.

Tis with great honour and priveldege, Namaste and Adoni’.
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