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Kwan Yin Abundance Workshop

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Kwan Yin teaches about the Abundance vibration and how to receive it.

In this workshop, spiritual channel Alphedia Arara bought through the wisdom from Kwan Yin.

Kwan Yin is an eastern Goddess of mercy, compassion and protection. She is a Goddess who assists us with enlightenment and accessing our full spiritual potential. Her energy is beautiful, nuturing and soothing, she teaches self patience and truth.

  • Alphedia channels Kwan Yin live and brings through her wisdom.
  • You are taken on a guided meditation with Kwan Yin and attuned to her beautiful energy in a group attunement.
  • You learn about the vibration of abundance and look at your blocks to receiving abundance in self realisation exercises.
  • Crystals for abundance are discussed and Kwan Yin takes you into the Garden of Abundance to allow you to make the vibrational shift into an abundant state of being.

This is a powerful and self nuturing workshop guided by the loving feminine energy of the sacred Goddess Kwan Yin.

Channeled Message from Goddess Kwan Yin

“I step forward at this time to assist humanity in elevation of consciousness.

I wish to teach about abundance. Abundance often gets confused with wealth, but abundance is a state of being and pervades every aspect of life. Wealth is a natural consequence of an abundant mindset.

In this workshop, I wish to assist souls in becoming abundant and being receptive to abundance.

Many humans find themselves subconsciously resisting the abundance vibration. Receiving abundance is what I wish to assist with. Many struggle with the vibration of receiving and once you unravel this struggle the movement into acceptance brings with it the abundance you seek. Namaste."
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