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Lady Nada Initiations Workshop

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Through her powerful unconditional love Lady Nada nurtures and deeply heals your soul which will in turn lead to healings in your physical life and physical body also.

In May 2016 the Ascended Master Lady Nada was over lighting Alphedia Arara for 3 months. This over lighting took place on the 16th May. Lady Nada a feminine aspect of the soul also known as Jesus who was a carrier of the Christ consciousness energies.

Lady Nada is the Chohan of the 8th Ray of Consciousness. This is a sea green coloured ray and is the ray of purity, high vibration and cleanliness and oneness with the creator. This ray works on cleansing the soul and spiritual bodies, removing blockages and fears and toxins from the souls path to allow it to expand into limitlessness.

This energy is very nurturing for our souls aiding us in achieving easier our potential and fulfilling our Divine Plan of the coming into oneness with the Divine Plan of the Creator.

Through integrating the love and light of our souls into our physical body we cleanse and heal the inner soul and this aids spiritual advancement.

The retreat was held in Fortingall because it is one of the energy points of the world where the Christ consciousness grid connects with the earth so participants received codes and symbols from the Christ consciousness grid also.

Lady Nada was previously the Chohan of the 6th ray but as the energies have increased on the earth she has moved up to her role as Chohan of the 8th ray. The 8th ray assists us in building on previous growth that has been attained by the soul and helping us to focus on our skills our wisdom and increase the spiritual advancement. It aids us in the evolution of our soul, releasing us from fear, anxiety and worry.

Lady Nada sits on the Board of Karma and by connecting with her energy and entering her ashram you will be able to further release any karmic knots within your body and be freed with understanding of karma you have occurred.

  • This workshop was channeled live through Lady Nada who Alphedia fully embodied throughout this workshop.
  • She takes you on a guided meditation to integrate fully the first seven rays of light which you have to have mastered before you can fully access and embrace the 8th ray of light.
  • Working with the ascension spheres you receive an attunement to Lady Nada’s energy, you then go on a journey into her ashram to receive wisdom and healing for your inner soul.
  • She then leads you on an 8th Ray initiation for you to start to work on this ray.
  • You receive a Divine Love blessing from Lady Nada, she fills your heart and soul with joy.
  • You also receive a deep cleansing whilst in Lady Nada’s ashram space to free you from any fears and anxieties that may be hindering your souls progression, be these past lives or manifestations in this incarnation.
  • She then works with the energies of the Christ Consciousness to anchor fully this vibration into your solar plexus chakra. The Christ Consciousness vibration is one of self mastery allowing you to reclaim your power, your full divinity and to clear any further veils of allusion from your reality.
  • Lady Nada gives you a gong bath to assist you with the integration of all the shifts at the end of the workshop to allow you to experience greater embodiment and understanding of truly who you are.

This was a unique experience in a very very sacred place of high vibration and aid you greatly on your path of self love and self honouring of your wisdom.

Channeled Message from Lady Nada

Truly truly truly, it is such an honour to be of service to you all, to be having this experience on earth once again and I am so grateful to be working through Alphedia as she allows me to touch you all in a closer way.

To be holding my codes, to be holding what the 8th Ray can offer you is a powerful and unique opportunity.

I feel very privileged and deep gratitude in my heart to let you experience a greater oneness with who you are.

To set you free from illusions and to allow you to build up through love your skills and wisdom that your soul brings forth.

I am truly honoured to offer my services to you in this way. Namaste, namaste.”

As part of this workshop you receive a personal channeled message from Lady Nada about your souls progress and where your soul is at in its integration and embodiment of the soul light of through physical and spiritual bodes.

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