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Lammas Avebury Dragon & Star Gate Healing Workshop

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This workshop is now available on Audio MP3 recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 7th August 2019.

“This will be the first 10th Dimensional Stargate Portal that has reopened on the Earth since the fall of Atlantis”.

The Celtic Sabbat of Lughnasadh (Lammas) was celebrated on 7th August 2019 at 20.13 BST.

This is a powerful astrological portal point for Earth energy abundance of healing. Traditionally this sabbat celebrated the harvest abundance and gave thanks to the Sun God Lugh.

Alphedia Arara was called to travel to offer a workshop within the largest stone circle in the world in Avebury, Wiltshire, England.

The massive stone circle complex at Avebury gathers strong telluric Earth energy currents which ampilfy the healing experience, for this is a powerful Earth energy centre.

Vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge and kinetic energy that is buried deep beneath the ground comes up to the surface in this locality and the stones were positioned to harness this and to act as a bridge between the Cosmic energies above and the Earth energies below.

In a workshop in 2014 Alphedia channeled a workshop at the full moon to activate a Dragon Etheric Healing Temple and to return the Dragons of Avebury to amplify the healing energy of the stone circle.

After the five years many hundreds of dragons now reside in the astral planes within and around this stone circle.

The heart energy here is very high and the dragons work with you as Earth healers to awaken and balance the telluric energies to create a Diamond Temple of Light within the stone circle and then awaken the Star Gate Portal within this stone circle which is ready to fully open now.

In this Workshop

Alphedia channels the Dragons of Avebury as they prepare your energy helping you free anything that you feel in your life and energy field is requiring transmutation.

She works with the Golden Dragon Skulls to do a Dragon Portal activation and bring through healing from the Dragon Realm for you.

She then teaches you how to heal with the Emerald Ray, after the activation of the Emerald Ray within the Avebury Stone Circle complex has occurred, and supports you in receiving soul healing from one of the greatest Earth Portals in the World.

Part of this workshop was held within a meditation space within Avebury and the rest was out in the field amongst the Stones. The Village of Avebury is the only village in the world to be located within a Stone Circle.

Alphedia channels a Starbeing Transmission from within this portal and this supports you in receiving whatever codes your soul is looking to gather from this high vibration energy point.

The energy of Avebury is very feminine and you receive healing from the Elemental Guardians, particularly the Sidhe, of this stone circle as well as teachings and wisdom to aid you in your souls progress for the next stage of the Celtic Wheel turning.

The energies within the Avebury Stone Circle allow you to work more deeply with the Emerald Ray, which was activated at the Callanish Stone Circle.

Alphedia has also activated it within the Carnac stone circle alignment and also in Chartres Cathedral which is the main Earth energy nodal point for mainland Europe.

This activation on this fertility and abundance sabbat in the build up to the 8.8 portal gateway opening allows you to expand your holographic matrix, to open up your chakras more fully, to receive the Galactic wisdom and deep Earth healing from within this portal.

Your soul energy supports the Galactic Portal of Avebury opening and Alphedia performs the activation with crystal skulls, drumming and channeling,

You have the opportunity as souls to anchor your own personal codes to awaken this Star Gate portal.

Alphedia supports you through guided meditation, sound healing, visualisations and attunements.

The Emerald Ray is now a powerful tool and if you did not awaken the Emerald Codex within your DNA at the Summer Solstice you receive this activation now at the Lammas portal.

This is a portal of Fertility, a portal of Abundance and Galactic wisdom opening.

Photos and videos of the stones are included in the download of the workshop also.

Channeled Message from the Sirian Starbeings

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are the Consciousness of the Sirians who are guarding the Stargate portal within Avebury.

The portal has experienced much preparation for this awakening on 7th August 2019.

Another layer of the Stargate frequencies are opening at this great reservoir of light.

As we work with the Galactic Federation this is preparing you all for the opportunity to fully awaken within you this moon cycle a connection with your true Galactic mastery self.

The Pleiadians have already prepared to bring through a deep healing at the Full Moon on the 15th August 2019 and the reason that we ask you to gather forth at this great astrological point of abundance also is we wish to open up a 10th dimensional Stargate Portal.

This will be the first 10th Dimensional Stargate Portal that has reopened on the Earth since the fall of Atlantis.

Many of you as souls have returned to Earth at this time to assist with the reopening of the higher dimension stargate portals to make communications between Earth and the Star Nations and the Galactic Federation become more in your consciousness and to become easier for you all to access.

Once Avebury has opened, Stonehenge and the other stargate portals will begin their opening process also.

Know, that you have all been called to be part of this exciting opportunity.

We will be giving each one of you a holographic form to carry within your holographic matrixes which will be allowing you to carry higher frequency light to enable fuller communication between the Galactic Federation, the Star Nations and your own soul.

Know that this is an opportunity to bring forth an abundance of wisdom and knowledge for you are all sent to Earth as stargate communicators and Earth healers.

Know that as we awaken the telluric energies once again as a star transmission point within Avebury, you will start to feel a great change within the morphic field and the vibratory rate at which your energy field works at.

Know that it is time for you all to recognise and honour that Galactic Master aspect of the self and we look forward to seeing who is called forth to work with us, who are carrying what codes for us to fully comprehend what work will be done on this day.

We are super excited for you to have this opportunity and for you to be able to carry a deeper understanding of the Emerald Ray healing potential.

We are ready to welcome each and every one of you further on your Mastery journey. Adoni”
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