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Lammas Stone Circle and Stargate Abundance Workshop

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Workshop date: 7th August 2020
Duration approximately: 3 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message available for this workshop.

This workshop is now available on Video and MP3 recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 7th August 2020.

“This is an opportunity for you to strengthen your communications and to harness a great awakening within your hearts and to receive the codes from this Stargate portal.” – Sanat Kumara

Lammas Star Gate Abundance Stone Circle Opening:

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu celebrated the astrological date of Lammas at the largest stone circle on the Scottish Mainland – the Twelve Apostles near Dumfries. This is also the 7th largest in Great Britain at 90 metres in diameter.

The Celtic Sabbat of Lughnasadh (Lammas) known as the first harvest sabbat celebrating the abundance of Mother Earth gave thanks to the Sun God Lugh. It occured at 2.06am on Friday 7th August. This is a powerful astrological portal point for Earth energy abundance of healing.

Traditionally this Sabbat celebrated the harvest abundance and gave thanks to the Sun God Lugh. The 12 Apostles is a dormant stone circle that is now ready to be reawoken by Earth Healers. Only 11 of the 12 stones still remain and it was constructed in the Bronze age around 3000 BC. This stone circle contains a Sirian, Orion & Pleiadian Star Gate Portal which when activated again will re-energise the leylines (dragon lines) of mainland Scotland and Northern England. There was another stone circle nearby which has been removed but the two gather strong telluric Earth energy currents which amplify the healing experience when residing in it. Many report being underwhelmed by this stone circle compared to others they have visited.

This was Alphedia’s first visit to this stone circle for it is only now ready to be reawoken and for the strong earth energies to be realised. Vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge and kinetic energy that is buried deep beneath the ground comes up to the surface in this locality and the stones were positioned to harness this and to act as a bridge between the Cosmic energies above and the Earth energies below.

In this workshop you will be working with the Earth Dragons as well as the Star Beings.

We will activate an Etheric Dragon Temple, creating a Diamond Temple of Light, creating an Emerald City of Light and Ruby Ray Temple to prepare for the Star Gate opening supported by the crystal skulls and dragon skulls.

In this Twelve Apostle Stone Circle Workshop:

Alphedia will start the workshop with tuning you into the energies of Lammas 2020.

  • She will work with you on your abundance frequency with the Abundance Dragons and Galactic Dragons opening your chakras to be able to hold more abundance vibration and be able to hold the kinetic energies of the Star Gate Portal in your energy field through guided channelled meditations and crystal attunements. This will amply your psychic communications with the Dragon realms, Star Beings and guides.
  • You will invoke the presence of the Guardians of the 12 Apostles Stone Circle, the Earth Dragons and the Star Beings who are the Guardians of the Star Gate portal and we will receive transmission of guidance on the work we are to do in the Stone Circle as Earth Healers.
  • You will experience an activation meditation to reawaken the Diamond light codes within your DNA which will increase your energy frequency and prepare you for the holographic upgrade in the stone circle. You will also receive an attunement to the Emerald Ray and Ruby Rays to bring through powerful healing for your soul.
  • You will also receive the information on your soul’s role in the activation of this Star Gate Portal on Earth again and how this will support you with your Earth work going forward.

This stone circle energy connects with the Sirian Library in Carnac, France which Alphedia activated in July 2019 and Avebury in August 2019.

At the stone circle Alphedia works with the Golden Dragon Skulls to do a Dragon Portal activation and bring through healing from the Dragon Realm for you and to activate the sleeping Earth Dragons in this location and for you to receive Dragon healing.

Alphedia channels a Star Being Transmission from within the stone circle to awaken the Star Gate Portal and this supports you in receiving whatever codes your soul is looking to gather from this high vibration energy point. Prior to that you will take part in the land clearing with the crystal skulls, activations of the Temples of Light. This activation on this fertility and abundance sabbat in the build up to the 8.8 portal gateway opening allows you to expand your holographic matrix, to open up your chakras more fully, to receive the Galactic wisdom and deep Earth healing from within this portal. Your soul energy will support the Galactic Portal of opening at the 12 Apostles and Alphedia will support this with drumming and live channeling from within the circle. You have the opportunity as souls to anchor your own personal codes to awaken this Star Gate portal.

This is a live channelled event so surprises can happen on the day depending on what souls show up also. You will have an opportunity to manifest on this sacred Sabbat when in the stone circle. Photos and videos of the stones are included in the download of the workshop also.

Channeled message from Sanat Kumara:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Sanat Kumara on behalf of the Galactic Federation. The reason that the Galactic Federation is coming forward to commune with this message today is that it is time for the dormant Stargate portals around the world to re-open. This is happening in stages as the reactivation work, the telluric Earth energies connecting with the cosmic forcefield of light sets off a concertina effect. As the activations of these sacred energy sites, and in this case powerful dragon portal, are stimulated and stirred it brings mass humanity consciousness awakening.

At this time on Earth, within this Lions Gate Portal, within the powerful energies of Uranus, the planet exerting its forcefield upon this sabbat, the opportunity for great seismic shift in human consciousness can occur. As Mother Earth releases more of her heart codes, this feminine portal within the Stargate is able to reawaken. Ironically it was named after 12 men thousands of years after its formation but this site was a feminine site, it was a site to bathe within the Sacred Divine Feminine Codes. For all of you who feel drawn to this abundance Lammas portal it is that return of the nurture through the Sacred Feminine that is being reawakened within you all now. The Pleiadian, the Orions and the Sirians used this Stargate portal to descend communications deep into the dragon lines, the leylines, of Mother Earth from as early as the Lemurian epoch and part of the New Earth awakening over the next 6 months is this return to the watery feminine Lemurian consciousness once again.

Know that you are all awakening now to remembering the truths of who you are, to remembering you have been called as earth healers to do this sacred activation work for Mother Gaia and to bridge the communication gap between the many realms of consciousness on Earth. This is an opportunity for you to strengthen your communications and to harness a great awakening within your hearts and to receive the codes from this Stargate portal which is an eighth dimensional Stargate portal, which will work on strengthening your holographic matrixes, bringing in the vibration of resilience, but also resurgence in the remembrance of your souls gifts and talents. As you move to this place of soul strengthening, we in the Galactic Federation will be performing a healing within the stone circle for you. You can choose a Sirian, Pleiadian, or Orion healing experience and in this powerful astrological portal where the abundance frequencies are amplified, you will magnetically be able to attract with greater ease all the abundance that your soul is seeking now.It is with great honour that I have come forth to deliver this message to you,


No previous experience of working within stone circles, or with Starbeings and Dragons is required to come forward and to celebrate this very special Celtic sabbat and abundance portal.

If your soul feels the call, you are ready, as you have vast knowledge deep within you and Alphedia and Auraengus look forward to welcoming you.

You will be blessed, welcomed, honoured and respected on this sacred Sabbat day.

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