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Lemurian Mermaid and Dolphin Healing Workshop

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Many of you are ready now to work on a full integration and upgrade of the emotional body self through the Lemurian Heart codes of light.

Alphedia Arara was asked to channel this workshop to support Lightworkers and Earth Healers following the Solstice moment in July 2109.

New codes have been birthed from Mother Earth, through the return of the Emerald Ray, which is activating the higher heart consciousness codes within all Humanity.

It is your individual responsibility and choice whether you wish to go on this journey of movement into the One Heart of Lemuria, connecting you to the conscious wisdom that was held by all Lemurians who were without separation from Divine Source, living intuitively from the heart.

The majority of Humanity has lost their intuitive connection with All That Is through the heart centre.

By working with the water elementals, through the Merfolk and the Dolphins, we have this opportunity to purge and release all that is standing in our way of upgrading the heart centre.

This enables us to become more intuitive, able to stimulate the deep knowledge and the wisdom of our inner guidance and most of all brings us deep soul peace, happiness and joy.

In this Lemurian Mermaid and Dolphin Healing Workshop Alphedia will:

  • Introduce you to the Merfolk through a channeled live guidance transmission.
  • You receive an Ascension Sphere Attunement to the Mermaids to start to work on opening your heart centre to receive the new codes available to Humanity now.
  • Alphedia channels a guided meditation working with the Mermaids and the Mermen, to balance the masculine and the feminine aspects within yourself and you receive deep chakra clearing and healing with the Mer-Pearl of Wisdom.

You then receive two Lemurian Attunements:

  • the first one awakening the higher heart, working with the crystals of larimar and blue aragonite which carry the lemurian dolphin codes
  • the second attunement is the heart surrender attunement, this helps you deeply connect through the crystalline frequencies supporting you with clear apophyllite crystal to awaken within the new Human template

This attunement gives you the opportunity to work with the Mer-Kingdom, the Dolphins, to dismantle constructs within the old matrix (the ego service to self) that is causing you separation from your true heart soul path on your journey at this time.

  • You then receive a Lemurian Dolphin Heart Awakening meditation followed by a Lemurian Guide Self-Healing meditation.

Alphedia Arara channels the Lemurian Heart codes of light through sacred light-language, toning and sound healing to allow these to integrate into you to support you in this further upgrade within your Human matrix template of love.

As you make these shifts into heart based intuitive living it will be easier for you to hear the still voice of guidance within in each and every moment bringing you relief from stress, depression, anxiety and worry and manifested physical, emotional and mental pains.

At the end we do some Earth healing work and send love to the physical dolphins on the Earth. Including how to make dolphin healing light temples and learning why looking after the physical dolphins on Earth is so important particularly now.

Channeled Message from the Mer-people

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are the consciousness of the Mer-people, great teachers within the Oceans.

We come in many guises and forms from Mermaids, Undines, Water Nymphs, Mermen, Mer-fairies and Selkies.

There are many Nature Spirits to whom the oceans and the seas are home and the reason that we come forward at this time, following the Solstice portal, is that the energies on Earth now are asking you to purge.

Gaia has upgraded her template and Humanity’s template by default follows.

As you start to move out of separation and into wholeness with Divine Source once again the deep remembrance of the Oneness experienced during the Lemurian epoch starts to reawaken within you.

The dismantlement of the inverted matrix, service to self agenda, means that to fully embrace 5th dimensional conscious living on Earth once again, one must go deep into the truth within the heart.

This is a painful place for many of you.

Others of you may not be even ready to acknowledge or understand the heart journey yet.

Whatever level you come to be willing to work with us from, we will support you during this purging process.

For it no longer serves you to hold onto heart damage, heart pain, for that is what creates the separation between your higher self moving more fully into Oneness, the Divinity that is within you.

We Merfolk are fully aware of the One Heart of Lemuria Consciousness returning on to Earth.

We wish to work with you with our Pearl of Wisdom to help you understand where your ego is still separating you, where your past life pain is still a conscious paradigm that you create through.

We, along with the Lemurian Dolphin consciousness that is still held within the physical Dolphins who live upon this great planet also, wish to support you in stepping free of the reality you have imprisoned your heart within.

For now on Earth the reality is changing, consciousness shifts that are occurring daily as Mother Gaia increases her vibratory light speed.

Many of you are being challenged at this time to look into the deepest depths of your soul.

The energies are stirring up deep emotions that now require to be expressed through acknowledgement, healed and released.

As you embrace the new matrix, the consciousness codes of the one heart through powerful meditations, attunements and visualisations, will help you shift into the new matrix reality – the reality of soul liberation.

And it is with great joy that we wish to support you to enter our inner cities within the ocean to teach you through our elemental magic of alchemy and transformative healing.

We wish to support you through these energy shifts as you move into this place of connection with the One Heart again bringing with it joy, fulfilment and deep peace.

‘Till we meet, Blessed be, Adoni.”

This is a powerful, transformative, workshop offered to all. No previous experience of working with the Lemurian consciousness is required.

As always Alphedia Arara supports the healing offered to you through channeling the crystal singing bowls, the Tibetan singing bowls, the elemental chimes, drum and percussion as well as toning in bringing light-language through her voice.

You are held in a supportive environment and deep healing will be offered to you as a soul at this time, as we all come together to rise and shine our beautiful love light.

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