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Lifting the Veils for You This Samhain

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Assistance in seeing what you are ready to shed and let go of at this auspicious time, for the next stage of your soul's growth.

Samhain 2017, the Sabbat of the Celtic New Year, Alphedia Arara works with the powerful energies of the Faery Queen, Morgana Le Fay and the Goddess Cerridwen to assist you in clearing from you further Veils of Illusion.

At this time of the year, also known as All Hallows Eve, the veil between realms is at its thinnest, this makes it easier to communicate with beings in the different realms of vibration, but also to see more clearly with your sixth sense.

This turn of the Celtic wheel moves us into the Crone stage, the wise woman stage of the triple goddess energies. It is a time for inner reflection and it is a time to bear witness to your ancestry and also to that which serves no more.

  • Alphedia leads you through a powerful self realisation exercise to look at the year that has gone before for you, to look at what you no longer wish to carry into the year ahead, as well as assisting you in finding the truth in who you are.
  • You are led on a powerful guided mediation, to assist with healing and then you go on a fire ceremony, calling in the elements and asking the fire to transmute and to release you from whatever energy has been stuck.
  • You then go on a manifestation ceremony to bring in the new and to welcome it into being.
  • This time of the year allows you the opportunity to look deep within, and to receive the wisdom that your soul is greatly seeking at this time.

Channeled message from Morgana Le Fay

“Greetings, Greetings, Greetings, I am often known as the Dark Faery Queen. I am the Faery Queen of the Shadow Realm.

I am the Faery Queen to work with if you are truly dedicated to your inner transformation, to the mastery of the shadow, the ego self and if you are ready to re-birth into the truth of your pure soul essence.

I have asked Goddess Cerridwen to step forth, to hold her Crone energy during this healing transmission. For Cerridwen is a wise Welsh goddess, and she is a master of the energy of Raven.

Now, Raven is a powerful vibration, for the Ravens on Earth hold the space, not only of psychic protection, but the mysteries of the inner self. Know the energies of Raven come to assist at this time.

And I come from the Faery Realm; for the Faeries are prominent manifestors. We in the Faery Realm are all-see-ers, we see clearly into the future, we see the many paths that you humans can traverse. And I offer to bring you back to the straightest path at this time.

For it is only the veils of illusion that have kept you detached from Divine Source, detached from your true soul essence and at times in fear. I will run a fear removal program to clear your manifestations.

I will take you into the sacred well of remembrance, and I will assist you in seeing clearly the path ahead lies for you. This is an opportunity to bear witness with honesty into who you are; your truth and the next stage of your soul growths path.

And as the veils at this time are at their thinnest, I will bring forth the ancestors who wish to speak with you and support you. Know that this will be a powerful ceremonial offering, and should you choose to become a pupil of mine, we will encounter great feats of inner mystery discovery in the year ahead.

Blessed be, blessed be.”

Crystal Raven Skull

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