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Lightbody Activation by the Arcturians

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The higher you vibrate, the closer you are to Divine Source and the easier it is for you to get spiritual knowledge and wisdom and healing. The Arcturians wish to assist with a lightbody activation.

Alphedia Arara channeled this transmission in Salisbury, in the south of England, at a sacred site known as Old Sarum, which is about 8 miles from Stonehenge.

An Arcturian spaceship resides at Old Sarum and monitors the star gate portal that is Stonehenge from this location. Alphedia is an incarnate Arcturian and is often called to this location.

On 1st October 2016 Alphedia was visited by Lord Sananda (also known as Eishua) and told that the Arcturians wish to bring through a Lightbody Activation at Old Sarum.

So, who are the Arcturians?

The Arcturians come from the star, Arcturus and they are an advanced star race who have been protecting Planet Earth from the Nephrite attacks for millions of years. They have advanced light technology and they reside in the higher dimensions. They are a much higher vibration than ourselves, so they are not as physical.

They have amazing spaceships, which I’ve run workshops on before, taking you into the spaceships, which are very advanced in their technology, they have different chambers which you can go into to activate your Ka body, to clear away negativity, they’ve got exercises that will help you to open up your sixth sense more fully, and they are really good friends to us on Planet Earth.

And they are all about the mission….

In the furthest reaches of space an alien uses a communication tool to contact other civilizations.

For them, its all about their mission and they’re actually monitoring us to understand how to live from a place of heart centred consciousness, so we’re giving them gifts as well.

The Arcturians bought through Reiki..

…as they use advanced light technology and they are greatly helping us with the Ascension Process at this time. They also protect us from off-world races such as the Reptilians, the Anunnaki and the Greys, and they do this by helping us to increase our light quotient; the more light that you hold within your core central matrix, known as your Ka body, the more spiritual light you can hold and therefore the higher the vibration you as a soul vibrate at whilst in the physical realm.

Channeled Message from the Arcturians

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is an honour and a privilege to host you here at our spaceship once again. We the Arcturians are friends of Earth and we are assisting you all as a race in your ascension journey.

This year has been challenging for many of you because many light portals have awoken, and now, as we see you as beacons of light, we can see that many of you are struggling with this higher frequency vibration that Mother Gaia is emitting.

This is because many of you carry toxins from your medical system, from your diet and from your daily living; cosmetic products, hair dyes, toxic chemicals in your cleaning products and the environs you choose to live in. Our key message for you at this time is one of detoxing.

Now, your ego may tell you that you are not toxic, but just about the whole of the human race is toxic because the food you eat has been doused in chemicals, many of you eat animals that have been given antibiotics and other medical supplies that then fall into your dietary chain.

But we also wish to talk to you about your contraception methods that humans use. Particularly the artificial hormones and chemicals. Although this has liberated particularly women, know that the toxicity buildup from such devices is affecting your whole race.

If your hormone system is out of body, your endocrine system is out of balance, and when we say out of body we mean that artificially regulated. And your endocrine system is out of body also. In order to have a healthy endocrine system and hormone system, you require a balanced chakra system. The chakras being the vortexes of energy which keep you centred and in balance and receiving Divine Source light.

Many of you work pulling light up and healing from Mother Earth, but the Cosmic light is what we wish to talk to you about today, for your bodies are all now requiring the Cosmic light energy.

They are requiring this in order to increase your energy, to increase your strength and to help you be more connected to Divine Source. And connection with Divine Source at this time is deeply important.

Now you may be thinking that this a message of doom and gloom..but this is not the case, no. We are your friends. We are here to aid you, we are here to witness this great experiment that is Planet Earth, we are here to remind you that you are souls that came with a mission, that came with a purpose and are pioneers, Galactic Royalty.

For you are combining the energies of many different star seed races and playing out in the physical realm, you are able to experience things that we are not; the taste of sumptuous foods, the exquisite joy of sex, these are things that we experience only on a vibratory level, not the physical level that you are able to experience it on.

But many of you walk blindly, forgetting, stuck in the drama, stuck in the role-play, stuck in the ego, but you have the opportunity now as souls to advance greatly, to clear your karma from the past, to clear the traumas from your past, for you have all lived many, many lifetimes.

You are a collection of those lifetimes, you have brought forward wisdom from those lifetimes, but you have also brought forward trauma and you are a product of all these.

But now you are ready to let go....let go of that which you have learnt from but do not require to still carry.

You are ready now as a race to step into your soul sovereignty, to activate yourselves fully as beacons of light. And by doing this, you will notice the changes in your behaviour, your relationships and your thought forms. You will see the world through higher consciousness.

You will move, transition, to the fifth dimensional way of being, and life will become a joy.

When your race resided in the lower frequencies, you endured trials and tribulations, and many of you are still acting these out, for you do not know any different.

Now when traumas come for you, when challenges come, you can have the tools to navigate these, to see them for what they are and to step out of the attachment and the drama.

Know that you do not have to suffer any more, dear ones, for pain is but fleeting and it is part of your conditioning; conditioning you are now ready to let go of.

But this choice is yours, you have free will and free decision in your life, but our advice is to trust; to trust the Divine Source, to trust the truth in your heart and to be free.Adoni, Namaste.”
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