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Lord Ganesh Super Full Moon Workshop - Step into your 5th Dimensional Self

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This Super Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Lord Ganesh assists us in stepping into our 5th dimensional conscious self and helping us to integrate our “I AM” presence. He also works on clearing past life blocks in the root chakra and opening us up to the wealth portal there.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara is working with Lord Ganesh to support you with root chakra healing to aid you in bringing down full integration of your 5th dimensional self into the physical realm.

Lord Ganesh is the Ascended Master in charge of the root chakra. He is associated with abundance, wealth and seeing projects through to completion.

Lord Ganesh works on the morphic fields highlighting to you areas of your life that you are struggling with because you are not yet fully committed to bringing and being your 5th dimensional self within the physical realm.

The lunar eclipse which occurred at 5.15am GMT on 21 January 2019 provides you with the opportunity to take action. It provides you with the opportunity to re-set and integrate higher aspects of yourself into the conscious physical realm. When you are guided by your 5th dimensional conscious self in each and every action, decision and choice, life flows with greater ease.

  • In this workshop Alphedia channels Ganesh live who brings through a detailed channeled message about the information of this eclipse and the way forward in processing it as a 5th dimensional soul of light.
  • We are taken on a self realisation exercise to look at the blocks within the root chakra and have realisations on what can be done to release them.
  • You then receive an ascension sphere attunement and healing with Lord Ganesh to connect you fully to the eclipse energy and then are led on a channeled live guided meditation.

As always, the full moon workshops are a powerful opportunity for you to prepare yourself for the astrological and energy shifts of the coming period. This is super full moon, meaning it is closest to the Earth, so the healing will be strong as well as the combination with the eclipse which will allow for a fast tracking to speed up your Ascension Journey.

Channeled Message from Lord Ganesh

Greetings, greetings, greetings dear ones.

It is a great honour and joy for me to come forth and to support you through this Full Moon in Leo, the energy of “I will”.

Now Leo is the fire sign and it is all about the action and it is all about YOU making decisions.

Many lightworkers still are deferring to sources out-with for guidance, this is subliminally programmed within you to hand over your power for protection, for wealth, for knowledge and this generates blockages within the root chakra.

I wish to take you to my Ashram of Light to assist you in gaining confidence in who you are and in making decisions that are appropriate for you as a soul.

Now many of you are still working through 3rd dimensional paradigm experiences.

I give you the opportunity at this Super Moon to fully step out and into the 5th Dimensional Conscious Light.

It is like a light bulb will go on inside your mind to support you in being able to see, feel and experience an existence on the physical realm on Earth from the higher 5th dimensional consciousness awareness.

I will be working to undo any past life karmic cycles that are still trapped within the Root Chakra, to remove you from any hooks and fears and commands from others that may be subliminally affecting your life and I will work on opening up the wealth portal within the Root Chakra.

For the wealth portal which is held within the Root Chakra allows you to experience a wealthy time on Earth.

Many of you have taken on a lot of erroneous conditioning regarding being wealthy.

For the energy of this eclipse period has been about you creating your reality and the culmination of this at the full moon offers you the opportunity to full step into your 5th Dimensional Conscious Self.

I will work also with Lady Vishnu in supporting you to become fully present in each and every moment for many of you dream into the future or cannot move on from the past.

It is all about the letting go and the surrender as you transition fully into your 5th dimensional higher self.

I will be working on your “I AM” presence integration and even as you read or hear these words you’ll feel your root charka starting to expand through the connection with the I AM self.

For that is what this Eclipse is all about, fully coming in to the I AM presence of 5th dimensional conscious reality and beyond and I wish to aid you in this full integration to help you move forward and experience greater wisdom whilst on your Earth walk.

It is time to let go of all that is holding you back and that is what we will focus on in the self realisation exercise also.

What the mind thinks is not always the truth of the work that is at play.

It is with great honour and joy that I am here to be of service to you. Adoni.”

This is a very high vibration full moon workshop, it will be helping you to fully integrate into the truth of who you are, bringing down this higher consciousness of your I AM presence and anchoring it into the physical realm which offers you the great opportunity for change, for creation, of a wonderful year ahead.

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