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Lord Sananda, Mother Mary & Whale Conciousness Full Moon Workshop

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Lord Sananda, Mother Mary and the Whale Consciousness seek to awaken your self-sovereignty, your own inner Christ. They also connect you to the Whales and their deep heart healing.

The full moon took place on Tuesday 27th October 2015 at 12:05pm and was in Taurus.

Alphedia Arara channels Lord Sananda, Mother Mary and the Whale Consciousness in this powerfully healing Full Moon workshop.

  • She channels Lord Sananda, to take you on a self-realisation exercise to see how aware you are of your own inner self sovereignty and then leads you on a guided meditation.

Your healing journey is supported with voice, drumming and Tibetan singing bowls as Alphedia Arara holds you in sacred space during this time regardless of wherever you are in the world.

Channeled Message from Lord Sananda

Greetings I am Lord Sananda,

Many of you will know me as an incarnation I had on Planet Earth as Yesua or Jesus but I also had lifetimes in the Epoch you call Atlantis and I went through many initiations in order to bring through the Divine Masculine codes onto Earth.

In my lifetime as Yesua my job was to bring through the Christ Consciousness. To bring forward a mass rise in energy vibration and to awaken humanity out of its fear based slumber.

Although I am considered a religious figure, As Lord Sananda I am a being of light, non-denominational. I come forward at this full moon time to offer you all the opportunity to awaken your own inner Christ. For Christ means alchemical sovereignty.

Now on the Planet it is time to awaken to your own sovereignty to see through the illusion that you must conform.

You are your own master yet, because of the Altantean experiment you have become trapped into the third dimensional status quo.

Myself and my Goddess Mother Mary Anna, known as Mother Mary to those of the Christian persuasion offer you this soul awakening experience.We wish to connect you with the Whale Consciousness.

Often the Whales are known as the Melchizedeks of the Earth, they are the great wise masters of the Oceans and the seas whose job it is to anchor and hold through their song the deep codes of self-sovereignty, they are the wisest of beings.

For their job is to keep the grids around Mother Earth activated on the Planet. The Earth grids are going through alteration now as part of the ascension process.

It is not only humanity that experiences this but all present on this great planet and as the Christ Consciousness grid is strengthened and as you all start to awaken and see the lies and deceits that your religions, your government, your science have programmed you with, you are ready to step fully into self-sovereignty.

This full moon in Taurus is powerful because it offers you this opportunity for great transformation. It offers you this opportunity to really step out of any trapping situation.

Be that through your conditioning, your work, your health or your relationships and through this full moon we beings offer you the opportunity to find your own inner centre.

Mother Mary will harness you in Divine Compassion and Love as you make these shifts. You may be resistant to at first, for it is all you have known dear ones, to live in this existence but I wish to open up a veil, a portal for you to experience.

High vibration light from the tenth dimension shall flood into your being, upgrade your chakras, upgrade your DNA codes and allow you to experience yourself at a deeper level.

To see who you are. My mission was always to bring people out of being lost and into the heart and the Whales are carrying these heart codes deep within your waters.

Their sound reverberates in every molecule of water on Earth and as you start to honour them the conscious shift towards their presence will help to end their slaughter and help humanity to awaken and see their gift.

The energies of this moon are complex and therefore you are supported by three energies this time.

It is an honour to be able to bring through this wisdom. Namaste dear ones. Namaste.”
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