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Lunar Dragons Self Nurturing Workshop

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The Dragons of the Moon, known as the Lunar Dragons, have asked to come forward to support us with healing the Feminine aspect of ourselves.

As we are moving closer to full unification by 2022 the Lunar Eclipse energies are kick-starting deep healing for our feminine sides.

The feminine side is the intuitive side, is the nurturing side and the Lunar Dragons come forward offering us a nurturing experience.

These dragons are taking the opportunity, whilst in the energies of the eclipse period, to support us in acknowledging the importance of self nurture and helping us to heal any blocks to being this vibration.

The Lunar Dragons work on supporting us in increasing our self worth, our self love, of being wiling to move into this place of living daily from a nurturing prospective.

They work to transform from us any patternings which cause us to be un-nurturing for self, whether that be through food that we ingest, looking after our physical selves, looking after our emotional selves and supporting ourselves through nurturing relationships, including the relationship with ourselves emotionally.

They work on transforming our thoughts which affect our emotional body towards self nurture and also our spiritual body.

Are we spending enough time nurturing the spiritual aspect of ourselves, making time for meditation, yoga practices or whatever is nurturing for your soul?

  • Alphedia channels live the Lunar Dragons to bring forward their message of support and guidance for us at this time.
  • You have a Lunar Dragon Ascension Sphere attunement healing.
  • We do exercises with the dragons to help transmute whatever stops you feeling comfortable in the nurturing energies.
  • We look at the relationship with your mother, the mother energies and they bring healing upon this, including your own mothering.
  • Then you go on a channeled live guided meditation with the Lunar Dragons and they support you with making the inner shifts that are for the highest and best for you.
  • We then do a Lunar Dragon activation and Moon bathing.

Channeled Message from the Lunar Dragons

Greetings, greetings, greetings, my name is Zreenia, I am a Lunar Dragon.

I reside in the morphic field grid of the Earth Moon, but we Lunar Dragons exist in all the Moons that satellite around the planets in your solar system.

Perhaps you will meet Lunar Dragons from other planets who wish to come forward for you, but our consciousness and essence is the same.

The lunar energy, its watery nature, also brings in a conduit for the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine is going through her resurrection and although we will focus on the nurture aspect of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother energies in this transmission, you will also find that you feel safer and more secure when you heal any imbalances to the nurturing energies offered to you by Divine Feminine consciousness codes.

We wish to take you to the Moon astrally.

You will be met by 6 Lunar Dragons who have been assigned to your frequency individually.

You will each meet your own personal Lunar Dragon guide who will support you throughout 2020 and beyond, not only through the moon cycles but the numerous eclipses that this year experiences.

Many of you will find deep relaxation from connecting with our consciousness.

Many of you will find the nurture and the support to help heal any inner wounding and trauma that will be brought to the surface in 2020 as the heart codes continue to release.

We are gentle dragons of transmutation, so if you have experienced any abuse, any rejection, any harm, we are specialists in using our nurturing energy to help you come out of this place of wounding, of course not just in this lifetime but in other lifetimes too.

We are ready to support you and guide you, heal you and nurture you, comfort you and rejoice you.

It is wonderful that we have this opportunity for we are around many of you.

For some of you may be ready for the Dragon of the Night to visit.

This is a very special dragon that comes calling when your consciousness has ascended to a place of the deep understanding of the darkness healing time.

For us we are always present, the Moon is always present, but the healing rays are only accessible to you part of the time physically.

This is what we wish to work with you in a healing ritual at the end of our loving transmission.

Know that we love you deeply, we are supporting you and allowing you to access the Moon cycles as part of the circadian rhythms of your Earth walk experience.

When you reconnect with them you feel more centred and balanced within and at home dear ones.


As always Alphedia Arara supports your healing journey experience with sound through the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, chimes and percussion and any Dragon language blessings they wish to bring forth.

Know you are ready for this healing experience for your soul.

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