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Lyra & Vega Star Being Transmission - Reconnect to your Galactic Self

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The Lyra and Vega star beings assist with the upgrade of your telepathic portal of communication with the star realms at this eclipse time.

Alphedia Arara is delighted to offer you a brand new workshop with new star being races channeling through her.

The Lyra and the Vega star beings worked with the evolution of Humanity since the first concept was created.

Now as we raise our energy vibration we are ready to hear their wisdom and start to receive their support again.

Throughout this transmission you will be receiving deep healing, gaining greater spiritual knowledge and understanding of who you are and also moving in to a place of Divine acceptance for you are always supported no matter what is occurring for you in your life at this time.

The Total Lunar Eclipse is in Leo and occurred in the UK at 5.16am GMT on 21 January 2019, it was visible in the UK, Europe and North Africa.

This is the first lunar eclipse of 2019 and is on a Super Full Moon, meaning it is an incredible charged healing time.

Know this gives you an opportunity for a soul reset and to awaken dormant knowledge held within.

Channeled Message from the Lyra Star Beings

Greetings, greetings, greetings Earthlings. We come forth from the star Lyra and we are excited to make connection with Earth for this eclipse period.

We come forth with the beings from Vega who are also wishing to assist Humanity at this great time of transformation, opportunity and change.

We have seeded Planet Earth since the start and yet then we handed over the main guidance, as your race evolved, to the Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians.

But now the call was put out for more Lyrans and Vegans to incarnate onto Earth. This was prior to your shift on 21st December 2012.

We sent souls to walkin and have soul swaps.

We sent souls to be birthed and now we wish to establish communication with, not only incarnate Lyrans and Vegans, but all of those who are working with the galactic realm, conscious that we can be communicated with and that we have healing guidance and wisdom to offer you all.

In this transmission that we wish to bring forth at the eclipse time period for you, we are assisting you with the upgrade of your telepathic portal of communication with the star realms.

We Lyrans in particular have been wishing to connect with you to support you in enhancing your communication with the star races.

Now the Vega Star Beings are famed for their musical abilities.

We Lyrans seeded the planet through the Lion consciousness and yes at times we can be fierce, but we are gentle, loyal and loving and this is what the Galactic High Council have decreed humanity is requiring the Lyran support at this time, to be fierce but gentle, loyal and loving.

Know in this transmission we wish to bring forth we will take you through a Lyra stargate portal from Earth to Lyra.

Here you will be greeted by a team of Vega Star Beings who will be bringing through transmission through sound and music.

We will channel through Alphedia Arara the codes into the musical sounds and we will be working on your holographic matrixes to assist you in moving into this place, no longer fighting against yourselves.

Many of you are tired of the ego fight within.

We are assisting you in soothing your energy body, giving you reprieve and healing from the intensity you have been experiencing during this eclipse period.

We will then move on to opening up your Telepathic Galactic Portal as this year ahead is about familiarising yourself with your galactic truth, awakening and remembering your training, knowledge and understanding and the traits you are carrying as a starseed.

All of humanity are starseeds it is just that your language and concept of it has been distorted. Some are full starseeds who have integrated, but most of you are what we call Galactic Royalty.

You are a melting pot of accumulation of your wisdom, of the attunements and the initiations you have been through in different star systems and are carrying keys and codes for them too.

You will be assigned a personal Lyran guide who will assist you over the following three months after listening to this transmission to help you integrate and connect.

You will also receive information on the galactic races wishing to work with you at this time.

Once we have done this healing work for you, opened up your portals of communication, we will return you back to Earth.

You will receive a Vega Starbeing Ascension Sphere Attunement and then a Lyra Starbeing Crystal Skull Healing through Alphedia Arara’s green aventurine Lyran skull known as ‘Simpta’.

This will prepare you to fully harness the eclipse energies and support you with a further level of integration onto Earth of your galactic self.

This will be a powerful transmission and a great opportunity for you all to re-establish connections with Lyra and Vega and also receive deep soul healing, Adoni.”
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