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Lyran & Vegan Star Being Healing and Key Activation New Moon Transmission

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Harness the energies of the Taurean New Moon which occurred on 23rd April 2020 at 3:35am BST. As the moon moves into Taurus there is a change in the energy. This is a time of re-set.

It is a time or rebirth and as the new Earth templates activate further, many souls have been given the opportunity to release deep held emotions, fears and trigger points within the persona.

This New Moon in Taurus is giving us the opportunity to take stock of our life so far and write out a plan from our souls for the next stage of the journey.

The Lyran Star beings and the Vegans come forward to bring in their soothing, calming energy to support you all at this time on Earth.

The energies of this New Moon bring up for you all, in the next cycle, deep routed traumas that your soul is carrying but which must come to the light now. This can be overwhelming under the current Earth situation.

The Lyrans wish to support us by offering deep soul healing, nurturing, and supporting us to feel calmer and to feel released from the past.

As always Alphedia channels live the Star Beings then leads you on the New Moon transmission. Auraengus Manu brings forward a Gong Bath with the New Moon to help you unravel the teachings of this New Moon energy.

You have the opportunity to experience this re-set point without the karma and the trauma, that you may unconsciously be carrying, to take you to the next level of vibration for your soul growth.

This is like a blissful balm to your soul, a great gift of freedom, freedom from judgements, self sabotaging beliefs and any thing else that is holding you back at this point.

Lyran and Vegan Channeled Message

Greetings, greetings, greetings we are the Star Beings from the Vega Star and the Lyran constellation.

Now we Vegans are very excited to have this opportunity to help you all on your Ascension journey.

We wish to invite you to travel to Vega where a team of Vegan medical officers will do a debriefing on you.

Showing you unconscious emotions that are being triggered for release in this moon cycle.

We will then call in the Lyrans to support you with a deep soul healing experience.

This will help you close off past life timelines that are affecting you negatively at this point and also coming up for release.

Know that you are to receive not only a Lyran healing, but we have decided Humanity is ready for the release of the Ancient Seed Keys of Lyra.

These were the original keys embodied within Humanity’s consciousness at the creation of the Human race on Earth.

Each star constellation was asked to aid with creation and we released the Lyran Keys of Wisdom.

We have decided now it is important for Humanity to be able to re-access these.

What these will do is shatter through any veils of illusion of separation from Source.

Anxiety levels and stress levels are high on Earth within the Collective consciousness of Humanity at this time and by stabilising these into the advanced Light workers’ consciousness this will speed up your healing as a race.

To help move you as a collective consciousness deeper into the 5th Dimensional vortex of light.

We will also take you into the 5th Dimensional vortex of light for a soul clearing, removing away any patternings, any fear agenda you have become consciously or unconsciously plugged into.

Know that this relaxes your stress, boosts your immunity, brings you back into homeostasis and re-centres you.

It will be an honour and a joy for us to do this work and support you at this time. Namaste.”
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