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Magdalene Grail Love Codes Rennes Le Chateau Darshan Offering

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Sunday 19th May 2024

6pm – 7pm BST

Live on Vimeo Video and video recording after + mp3 audio recording.

£25 or £30 in UK inc Vat

Join Alphedia Arara as she offers you the opportunity to experience a Mary Magdalene Rennes Le Chateau Darshan with her.

For years Beings of Light have asked Alphedia to hold Darshan and when she visited the Cathar Lands in AudeFrance famous for its connection with Mary Magdalene and the Book of Love she received a huge download into her heart of the Grail codes in Rennes Le Chateau Magdalene Chapel.

It has taken Alphedia 9 months to integrate them and be ready now to pass this download on through Heart Darshan.

Darshan is the Hindu word for being seen by God and receiving a blessing through a Deity sighting or by sitting in the presence of a holy person or enlightened soul who transmits frequencies from their being to the receiving audience to bring forward spiritual enlightenment and Divine Healing.

That is something Alphedia offered in many past lives in the Holy Temples around the world.

The transmission Alphedia received were the Holy Grail codes held in South West France where it is believed that Mary travelled to after the crucification giving birth to her daughter Sara.

The Holy Grail codes according Mary Magdalene in her channeling through Alphedia below are explained:

"Greetings I am Mary. It is an honour to come forth and support you all at this time of great change on Earth. When I was incarnate as Mary on Earth we were anchoring the Christed Light Codes of love into the human consciousness to change the dynamic of every day life for all.

The Holy Grail Codes are the codes of illuminated higher truths stemming from Source.

Many have thought the grail was an object, a chalice in physical form but the grail is chalice in energetic form which I carried and which then my daughter Sara got passed on.

Lord Sananda in his form as Jesus carried the Christed Light and I the Grail Light.

It was an honour yet also a great energy challenge.

Therefore I anchored a portal in Languedoc to illuminate the whole region which has many energy portals and soft energy from the limestone land with the grail love as a way to handle its power.

Its main power is to soften and open the hearts of all.

To transfer the illuminated light knowledge to those who seek it when they are ready to receive.

The grail is a living consciousness that speaks to those on the path of illuminated light to reconnect with Source through.

When you fall off the path the grail codes draw you to them to find the light again and the love within your heart.

Some are born seeking them and remembering them but this is why the main stream religions formed around Jesus's teachings but their truth got lost along the way, as the power held by the grail codes was deemed too much for the masses and too threatening to those in power at the time who wanted this energy for themselves.

Roslin Glen is another location where the Grail portal was created.

In the years that followed many enlightened souls recognised this energy and were guided to guard it with a physical chalice in the form of a temple structure or church."

How will this session work?

Traditionally Darshan is held with hundreds of people in the same room or temple space with the guru or enlightened soul such as Amama sat meditating silently transferring the codes to the audience.

Alphedia will however start with a welcome and live channeling from Mary Magdalene.

When Alphedia travelled to Rennes Le Chateau in on 3rd August 2023 it was a boiling 37 degree sunny day and quiet meaning she and her son had the chapel mostly to themselves.

They set up a crystal healing altar and meditated with Mary and received the Grail Heart Codes which you can now receive too.

You will see Alphedia live on the video and she will transmit from her aura and through her eyes to you the codes requiring to be passed on in silence.

Depending on what your soul is seeking will depend on how your soul will experience this half hour transmission of Darshan.

Alphedia has offered Darshan in the past in retreats for a short period of time so some of you may have experienced how powerful this is.

Last month over 90 people received the Glastonbury Chalice Well codes and many asked for more sessions like this to be brought forth as it was so powerful for them.

In this session you will receive the French Grail codes into your heart and which will then expand and connect you with the illuminate truths your soul seeks.

The session will end with channelled light language.

This coded language will sound a bit like gobility gook but is high frequency encoded sounds that will speak to your soul in a way your logical brain will be unable to comprehend much sense from.

You will feel lighter and more upgraded in your vibration after it.

Hopefully also refreshed, inspired, healed and clearer in your energy field.

For many the blessing will touch deeply your souls causing profound shifts within.

Sometimes during Darshan you receive a visitation from a Diety, a deep realisation or an understanding that has been evading you up to this point or an emotional release.

The focus of this Darshan will be in your heart and the release of the Grail codes held in the French chalice.

This can cause physical emotional release so have some tissues handy as crying can occur often as the release through the profound beauty of the energy that is offered.

View this offering as a beautiful gift to yourself and your soul to receive.

How will this help you in your life?

To receive a Holy Blessing is an unquantifiable gift.

It is hard in our limited language to express the effect that can be had on one receiving it.

Alphedia will be channeling the codes and releasing them to the group.

If you find yourself being distracted take the awareness to your breath and ask what ever is causing the distraction vibration to affect you be cleared and healed.

This can be a fear of unknown, a dominant mind not comfortable sitting in stillness, underlying belief patterning running which are affecting not only this moment but all your life subconsciously.

Alphedia suggests having a note book and noting down any feelings, or throughs and beliefs that come up so you can release them later.

The ideal is to be able to sit and receive without having to do this, but it can aid those who struggle at this point on this path sitting in conscious peaceful silence receiving Darshan and feeling blessed.

At some points of the Darshan you may feel the energy stronger than at other times but that is fine, go with what you experience.

Having a heart full of gratitude does help at the start of the transmission but however you show up on that day and what ever you are experiencing and feeling in the moments before know you are held in a safe space through this process.

After transmission you can communicate with Alphedia about your experience on the Vimeo chat box so make sure you have dowloaded the Vimeo app to your device.

Rennes Le Chateau information

Rennes Le Chateau is a very small hilltop village set in the French pyrenees.

The area is known for its scenery, with jagged ridges, deep river canyons and rocky limestone plateaus, with large caves underneath.

The oldest church evidence in this town was 8th century and it went through various rebuilds but is now associated with Mary Magdalene after a church was built dedicated for her by local catholic Priest Berenger Sauniere in the 19th century.

There is much speculation as to where he got the money for it including that he found treasure in a cave. No archaeological or historical evidence confirms this.

The energy of the hill top is very peaceful and calming.

It is a soft feminine energy and very beautiful to experience.

Alphedia felt the codes in the land flooding into her as she walked the church gardens and sat in the meditation spaces.

Inside the chapel there are statues of Mary and others and a spectacular high altar. It is still a working church.

Magdalene Grail Love Codes Rennes Le Chateau Darshan Offering

Sunday 19th May 2024

6pm – 7pm BST

Live on Vimeo Video and video recording after + mp3 audio recording.

£25 or £30 in UK inc Vat

Before Transmission

It is recommended you have had two glasses of water to keep you hydrated and ease the transmission.

Make sure you are seated comfortably and won’t be disturbed.

Please do not join half way through as the codes will be building up.

If you are late on the call it is suggested you wait for the recording.

If you are watching or listening on the recording know that you are in the energy field and it is as powerful as doing it live every time you listen.


” I did the Glastonbury Darshan today. WOW! What lovely velvety energy. And you were radiating so much light and codes and being gorgeous with the gong and sunlight. Thank you!! This was very special and I hope you will do more darshans!!” Manon, Netherlands

Hi Alphedia, wow Darshan was amazing – thank you so much for this offering Such a joy and a privilege to receive these codes. My heart has been very active and I can really FEEL the changes it is bringing. Candace, USA

Hi Alphedia, wow Darshan was amazing – thank you so much for this offering Such a joy and a privilege to receive these codes. My heart has been very active and I can really FEEL the changes it is bringing. Violet, Australia

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