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Manifesting Abundance in the New Earth with Lord Ganesh

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Join Lord Ganesh and Goddess Abundantia for a wonderful, powerful abundance and manifestation workshop.

Alphedia Arara invites you to join her as she channels Lord Ganesh and Goddess Abundantia to bring through new wisdom, knowledge and healing on manifesting abundance in the New Earth template.

Now we are in the process of moving into full embodiment of fifth dimensional consciousness, we have the opportunity to manifest abundance in all forms. In all areas of our life whether you are seeking to manifest an abundance of health, happiness, friendship, money, companionship, love, or even inner peace.

We have this opportunity to do this with greater speed.

Abundance is a frequency, it is a vibration and when you are able to live in that place of abundance in all areas of your life you stay in the flow. Things that limit abundance are negative thinking, sub conscious belief patterns, holding the vibration of unworthiness, doubt, disbelief or under appreciation. The more energy of fifth dimensional quality that you place into your manifestation of abundance the greater the return of abundance and the manifestation of it in your life will be.

Lord Ganesh is associated with abundance and wealth in the Eastern traditions and Goddess Abundantia originally of the Roman tradition, are coming forward to support you in regaining your inner knowledge and understanding of the limitations that you are allowing to be created in your life with regards to the abundance frequency.

In this workshop they will be teaching you through live channellings their wisdom on actions that are simple to integrate into your life, to be in the flow of abundance.

  • They will work on dissolving away from you any lower ego emotions that are hampering your abundance frequency.
  • They will give you clear guidance on where you are limiting yourself and what is holding you back from experiencing instant abundance.
  • You will figure out whether these blocks are yours or whether you have taken them on for another; a family member, an ancestor, or from one of your past-life, future self, aspects.
  • They will also do a monad clearing on abundance blocks which will support you and all the other 143 aspects of you who exist within your monadic group.
  • You will receive a New Earth abundance frequency attunement to align your vibration to the abundance available within this New Earth Fifth Dimensional Template.
  • As well as experiencing an abundance chakra clearing and a guided meditation which will be channelled live supported by sound healing and sacred instruments as well as light language activations which will help you create through visualisation your perfected abundant life on Earth now.
  • You will do a self realisation exercise to look at where you are being held back in the abundance frequency at this time and, if you take part live, receive guidance and assistance from Alphedia Arara for any areas you are struggling with.

Alphedia will be teaching you about her abundance journey through doing this energy healing and clearing work you will learn from the Deities about the importance of your intuition and being able to live from the intuitive heart.

They will also support you in letting go of any self sabotaging behaviour which can include laziness, lack of focus and unwillingness to take action to bring in change.

This will be a powerful start to the New Year of 2021.

Channeled Message from Lord Ganesh:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Lord Ganesh and what a joy and honour it is now we have moved into the Aquarian Age on Earth. Aquarius is the sign of the dreamer and now it is time for you to utilise this energy to dream into action and being, your perfected abundant manifested reality. You all have the choice now to stay stuck, stay where you are, or to move forward in leaps and bounds harnessing the available energy now, to command from the Universe what it is that has been limiting you.You are being guided now by many light beings who are supporting you in creating your inner reality.

Now is the time to take command, to choose your own destiny, but most important of all to take action in the creation of it.We see many souls send out prayers (which is important) but then do not follow through in doing the inner work, in allowing the healing process to come full circle and to manifest into being. We will work on tapping you into the Universal Abundance Frequency. For if you have never experienced abundance in the form you are seeking it is more challenging to live that life. If you are somebody who is trying to manifest wealth for example, and yet you have never been in a beautiful luxury hotel or a millionaires mansion, or whatever for you would represent somebody embodying the wealth frequency, then it is more challenging to remember this frequency and to embody it within your matrix.

Now for many of you, you are on this path of healing, you are on this path of awakening and you are on this path of remembrance of the vastness of the being within you. You deserve abundance in all forms and now it is time for you to take action, to bring this into being and to look at the vibrations that have kept you stuck where you are at this point now. We offer our services, myself and Abundantia, to bring through the balance of the masculine and feminine aspect within you and for you to acknowledge this great opportunity to move forward with abundant ease, Namaste.”
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