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Manifesting Perfect Health Meditation

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When we have our health we are able to be in a state of balance and homeostasis, we are able to be inspired, creative and loving. This is a powerful workshop for anybody who is suffering from any form of ill health at this time.

Alphedia Arara was asked to channel the Archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel to support you in manifesting perfect health in your life.

We now know that we are master souls able to transform, release and change anything that has manifested into our reality.

Any imbalance that is showing up within the body - mentally, physically or emotionally and spiritually and bringing it all in to balance, so that you are able to start on the journey of perfect health and reclaim what is your birthright.

It is important to understand that even hereditary conditions or conditions that conventional medicine claim there is no cure from, can, through miracle healing, result in complete perfect health manifestation.

Alphedia Arara herself has been through physically health trials in this incarnation and has graphically shown that, despite medical diagnosis, working energetically a return to health can be achieved.

Know that the angels are offering this opportunity of illumination to evaluate our state of health, to be forewarned of any imbalance or any potential manifestations and to be given insight into anything that has already manifested taking you out of the perfect health state.

Know that working with the beautiful angelic love light and healing techniques can aid you in reclaiming your full perfect health once again on Earth.

Alphedia channels the Angels live on the evening and supports your healing experience through sound. She channels the sound code frequencies from the angels that creates a fully immersive healing experience. Through the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, drum, percussion and voice work.

Channeled Message from Archangel Raphael

Greetings, greetings, greetings I am Archangel Raphael. I have been joined by the Angels Gabriel and Uriel to support lightworkers at this time in manifesting perfect health.

The physical body is your vehicle to experience life on Earth but it is affected also by your emotional body and your mental body.

In this healing mediation we will take you to an 8th dimensional healing space, within this you will experience a life review of your Earthly health.

We will go over physical manifestations of ill health, or imbalance as we wish to place it, any mental imbalance, emotional imbalance and spiritual imbalance.

We will work with you helping you to break down dense energy forms relieving you of conditioning and beliefs that you may have taken on board that has manifested into form, vibrations that stop you experiencing perfect health.

We will work with crystal healing, vibrational alterations within your holographic matrix, as well as helping you to understand, acknowledge and release any life lessons you have been unable to acknowledge or have been ignoring at this point.

We will show you how to perform an energy body scan, how to let go of the key blocks to perfect health, resistance, unworthiness, fear and anxiety stress.

We will go through each of those vibrations to help you be free of them and also support you in releasing any past life echos or timelines that are affecting your health at any point.

We are here as loving guides, but know that it is you that must choose to do the work to catalyse your healing and your frequency.

We will work on your chakras and support you in a reset of your health pathway bringing forward guidance and wisdom to help you with lifestyle changes that will benefit your whole health experience.

Know, dear one that we are lovingly here to support you in each and every way. It is our honour, joy and privilege to do this now. Adoni.”
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