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Manifesting Sacred Union

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In February 2017 light workers were given the opportunity to exist in Sacred Union. Through this workshop you will experience the vibration of sacred union so that you have the Divine perspective of this and you can therefore manifest this into your life.

In 2017 the heart energies opened more fully for humanity. We have experienced the industrial revolution, political revolutions and recently the communication revolution. These are preludes to the main event, to the revolution in consciousness. This revolution of consciousness occurs through the heart opening.

When one opens the heart you allow for an expression of Divine Love to occur. The love between souls is an incredibly powerful catalyst for manifestation of Divine Energies. To allow you to have the understanding of what this is and to aid you in moving into attracting or experiencing Sacred Union vibration within your relationships this workshop will aid you in understanding more deeply Divine Union.

In this exciting workshop Alphedia Arara channels the energies of Archangel Chamuel, the angel of the heart and relationships, Goddess Kwan Yin, the Goddess of compassion and Mother Mary, the Goddess of unconditional love.

  • Do you settle for less when it comes to a judgement of your worth?
  • Do you settle for less within your current relationships?
  • Are you ready to step into your soul truths and to express that with another?

Alphedia Arara shares her own personal experiences of her Sacred Marriage and the challenges this can bring but also the great highs and the exquisite beauty of the Oneness.

Through channeled guided meditations, ascension sphere attunements, visualisations, soul healing, past life and present relationship clearings you have the opportunity to reset where you are at in your life at this time.

Channeled message from Archangel Chamuel

Greetings I am Archangel Chamuel and I am joined by the presence of Kwan Yin and Mary Anna known as Mother Mary.

We have asked to bring forth this workshop to aid you all in having an understanding of Sacred Union on Earth. Some call this Divine Marriage, this is when two souls come together in Sacred Union.

When two souls take on the role of experiencing life through Sacred Relationship. Yet many of you on Earth struggle because of blocks and conditionings you have about relationships.

The Divine Marriage is when you are no longer playing roles, no longer in ego and are in Fifth dimensional conscious union. So whether you are seeking to attract this experience into your life, or seeking to upgrade a current relationship into this place, we will aid you through meditations, channelings, activations and teachings.

We will de-programme relationship belief conditioning that you as humanity have taken on. We will undo the power struggles and the fears that may keep you trapped in third dimensional duality relationships and elevate any relationship you are in, to a place of Sacred Union.

Now, within a partnership there are two souls involved and as you elevate you may bring your partner up with you, or they may choose to be unable to hold this high frequency.

But know that if this is the case you are radiating at a frequency that will allow you to make the choice whether to stay or go, but either way you will be altered within the relationship.

You, by changing your response and reactions can alter their response and reactions. For those of you seeking Sacred Union we will work together to shift the blocks that are stopping this being immediately available for you. For know there are enough light workers on the planet now for you to all experience Sacred Union.

This workshop will work on clearing the fear patterning, especially regarding change, rocking the boat and feeling worthy. Many of you block Sacred Union because of unconscious beliefs.You place limitations on yourself when it comes to relationships and this needs to be no more, we will manifest together your relationship desires from your heart.

We will work on clearing that which no longer serves you and together we will provide a positive uplifting energy of compassion and love.

You are ready for this, Namaste and Adoni.”
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