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Manifesting with Faery Queen Maeve Full Moon Workshop

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Faery Queen Maeve and the faery realm come forward to assist us in our manifesting abilities.

This was the first Full Moon after the Summer Solstice and in Capricorn. Now the Temple of Light has been activated, it means we can connect to a higher level of consciousness.

Faeries are the master of manifestation, and when you learn to manifest with the faery realms, powerful results can ensue quickly.

  • Alphedia Arara channels Faery Queen Maeve, takes you on a self realisation exercise to look at what it is you want to manifest into being in your life, and to acknowledge the blocks that you have currently put in the way, whether through your thoughts or practically.
  • Alphedia then channels Faery Queen Maeve and the faeries, taking you on a powerful healing guided meditation to assist with bringing your manifestations into reality.

As always Alphedia supports the healing through channeling the singing bowl, drum and percussion, so you receive a sound healing as part of this full moon experience also.

Channeled message from Faery Queen Maeve

“Greetings beloved ones, We Faeries are at the height of our power around the Summer Solstice, and this is when we have most energy to offer you in your human realms.

We see that many of you walk through life blindly, rather than creating life forcefully. By forcefully, we do not mean it in a negative way, we mean creating through the power of your thoughts. You as a race can create anything into your reality. Yet few of you choose to focus your thoughts into manifesting your dreams into reality.

This full moon in Capricorn is about that: manifesting dreams into reality. And we are going to teach you how to use the power of the moon and the call of the Faeries to assist you in your manifestations.

When humans believe in us, they give us energy, they give us love and they give us support, which means that we then in turn can exchange back to you love and support, and assist you in clearing the blocks and giving you guidance on how to manifest into reality your true heart’s desires.

For that is the secret of faery manifestation; manifestations that come from the head rather than the heart are difficult to bring to reality. For it is through the heart truths that you manifest.

So it is important that we assist you in getting into the heart, to really acknowledge on a deep soul level what it is that your soul is seeking at this time to bring it joy, happiness and fulfilment.

A question few humans ask is will this action bring me soul fulfilment. And really, that is your purpose of being on Earth; to be fulfilled as a soul. How many of you would like to live every day experiencing soul fulfilment through bliss, joy and happiness.

We can help you to do this. We can help you manifest in this way, so that every day is an expression of your joy, of your happiness, of your soul fulfilment. Whether that is a material item that will bring this to you, whether that is a relationship, whether that is finance, whether that is health. Whatever it is that your soul is seeking to manifest at this time, remember that the focus is on fulfilment.

It is a great privilege for us to have the opportunity to bring forth this healing and we will connect you to many secrets of the faery realm at this time, to uplift you to the joyous energies of this sacred time on Earth. Blessed be.”
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