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Mary Magdalene & Unicorns Heart Healing Workshop

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Workshop date: 28 April 2019
Duration approximately: 3 hrs
Please note: Audio download available. There is no personal message available with this recording

Through the loving guidance of Mary Magdalene you explore any inner core heart wounding that is coming up for you to process. You are led deeply into the centre of your heart supported by the beautiful Unicorn consciousness who carry the codes and frequencies of true Divine Love.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 28th April 2019.

Alphedia Arara has recently returned from the Sacred and holy Island of Iona off the West Coast of Scotland. This is one of the heart portals of Mother Earth and she has been asked by Mary Magdalene to bring the codes of this Heart Portal with her.

Working with the Unicorn Realm to support you in immersing deeply for three hours into deep healing of your Sacred Inner Heart.

As we move further along this Ascension process, increasing the light quotient that we carry, we start to reawaken and remember that we are here to truly be heart centred, sentient beings.

The unicorns are a powerful ally of the elemental realms who are here anchoring the Divine Love codes and frequencies on to Earth at this time, more and more flocking daily to support each and every one of us as we prepare to go deeper and deeper in our journeys into the Oneness of the heart.

One of the biggest blocks for Humanity at this time, according to Mary Magdalene, is the incomplete love for self.

When one is completely in love with every aspect of themselves, one is able to live in a place of radiant health, joy and beauty, able to exude, receive love through every interaction consciously.

In this workshop you are exploring aspects of the ego self that have been preventing you from truly being consciously in love with yourself.

When you are consciously truly in love with yourself you only experience loving relationships and loving interactions.

For those of you who are seeking to bring a partner, soul mate, to your side to support you through this Ascension journey by completely being in love with yourself you will be able then to attract that reflection back.

The Unicorns will help you to manifest fully what it is your heart is wishing to express.

For once one is living truly in alignment with their Divine truth, through their Divine blueprint, then life changes vibratory speed. As you vibrate the frequency of love or above the consciousness accelerates bringing deep and blissful healing experiences.

Mary Magdalene as a soul and Ascended Master has been through her own heart torture and will lovingly counsel you in seeing the importance of self love and see the importance of loving yourself for the consciousness of all of Humanity.

In this profound transmission from these beautiful beings Alphedia supports the journey through sound healing and using in particular her heart chakra singing bowl and also a clear quartz crystal singing pyramid. This amazing instrument will be able to quickly shift from you the frequencies that are blocking the heart centre from layers of unworthiness, feelings of fear, feelings of anger can all just be released with great ease.

This workshop is channeled and supports everybody who is willing and ready for this next opportunity to move into deeper state heart-centred bliss.

Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Greetings, greetings, greetings dear ones.

I am very privileged and honoured to be of service to you this way to support you all if you are ready to chose to move in to the Light of the Heart.

Now the Light of the Heart is an exquisite purity of Divinity.

The light of the heart supports you in not only upgrading more of your physical system, but also your central nervous system and your chakra system.

It helps you reconnect the deeper aspect of yourself that may have been lost but is now ready to return. You are being guided to move fully into the heart centre light.

As I say these words to you they are encoded with the keys that will unlock dormant knowledge within your heart, for when you are able to be in your heart at all times you are able to function with clarity from the head.

For the heart is never confused, the heart speaks its truth loudly and clearly if you are willing to listen.

In this transmission I will be supporting you, helping you to be willing to listen to the truth of your heart again.

Know this is the next stage for Humanity as the Resurrection process has begun. In order to resurrect into higher consciousness the light of the heart must be shining bright.


  • In this transmission Alphedia channels Mary Magdalene live.
  • You receive a Unicorn heart healing ascension sphere attunement
  • You also receive wisdom and codes for connecting to the Iona heart portal.
  • Mary Magdalene leads you on an hour’s deep heart healing meditation to connect you to the light of the heart, supported by the Unicorn consciousness.
  • You also receive three activations which will act as keys to open up parts of your heart that you have chosen to shut down since the fall of Atlantis.
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