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Mary Magdalene - Divine Goddess Within

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In this workshop, Mary Magdalene asks to assist you in reconnecting to your Divine Goddess within. She facilitates a beautiful reconnection to the Divine Goddess energies, helping you to feel more at one with source.

Often we get caught up in the drama of life in the physical and forget the beauty within. This workshop will help you feel at peace, beautiful and remind you of how to connect to your inner Goddess aspect.

Alphedia Arara channels Mary Magdalene and embodies her energy so that your own energy system can adjust in her light and receive what frequencies you require at this time.

  • In the workshop you go on guided healing meditations, receive a Mary Magdalene Ascension Sphere attunement and experience the Mary Magdalene Flame of Love which is encoded for what your soul asks for at this time.

By reconnecting with the divine feminine energies you will be able to embody this vibration in all areas of your life, allowing you a new way of being and as you change your being, you change the world around you in a beautiful manner.

The Flame of the Magdalene will assist with the soul growth, helping you reach your highest potential at this time, bringing with it profound spiritual healing and aiding in trusting your inner truth and light allowing your soul to flourish.

Many of us question and doubt our light within and Mary Magdalene wishes to assist you in reconnecting with this and trusting your truth within.

This is a beautiful soul transformation workshop showered in love and blessings to elevate you and assist you with the heart opening energies of this time aiding you in connecting deeper to the heart energies of mother earth and the love she offers us.

Channeled message from Mary Magdalene

Greetings blessed ones, I step forward at this time to offer wisdom, healing and compassion. I am the representative of the Divine Feminine energies and I am offering at this time to assist lightworkers who are ready to carry the flame of the Magdalene within their heart centres.

Astrologically at this time on the planet Earth, great change is occurring for the planet. Many portals of the New Dawn open over the course of this summer and they require to be anchored through the heart centre of as much of humanity as possible. At this time, few are ready to carry these codes, so there is a call to lightworkers at this time to honour the sacred energies of the feminine and to allow the heart centre to open.

Much of human society is focused outwardly, but at this time it requires you to focus inwardly and to acknowledge the wisdom you hold within; to acknowledge who you are and to acknowledge the codes of light that you, as a unique, beautiful, powerful being carry. It is time to trust the truth within and it is time to access the truth within.

This is hard for many due to conditioning and fears, but the beauty when you connect deep within is overwhelming; for when you are centred within your heart, everything else in life will fall into place, problems, issues and worries dissolve away, for you hold the strength in your heart centre to see through the illusion of the material world, to see through the illusion of the third dimensional reality and to anchor in through the fifth dimension.

Many of you are ready to carry these codes, and I offer the Magdalene flame of love, so you can love yourself, so you are able to express the beauty and love of yourself, and so you are ready to be a walking example for the rest of humanity as a code carrier of the New Dawn.

I wish to assist each person who feels ready at a soul level to do this work with me, and it would be an honour and a privilege to connect and to work on with you on your soul growth, for the earlier part of this year has been a difficult time, the energies have been confusing and now it is time to focus on love, to focus on the heart and to allow yourself the peace.

For no matter the chaos that goes on around you, when you are able to go to that place of deep inner peace and to trust the truth that is within, everything is perfect, relief floods through your energy system, and through gratitude and compassion, you change your reality, you change your world.

You connect at a deeper level with the animal kingdom, with the elemental kingdom, the angelic kingdom and all other aspects of this world, universe, galaxy, that you live within.

You are able to see the interconnectedness and you are able to access wisdom beyond your comprehension at this time.

I know what it is like to be on the earth plane, I know what is like to have loved and lost, I know what is like to carry fear, anger and other ego emotions, and as I ascend through my unique healing, you are able to ascend too, for we are all unique.

For many years I trained in the temples of Isis, for many years I trained on other galaxies to perform my role on planet earth. It was a privilege to carry the sacred codes at that time and I offer you help on your path at this time of great turmoil and consciousness shifts within humanity once again, for to live from the heart is beautiful and brings harmony, peace, balance and compassion to the earth, and the more of humanity who live within this way of being, the greater the world shifts and changes will be.

It is time for humanity to elevate in conscious awareness, it is time to dream the new dream of reality and existence. I offer you this divine blessing now - Kou shanta mi sa kaura, sa kaura shanti. Namaste. “
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