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Mary Magdalene Divine Template of the Rose Activation Workshop

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Mary Magdalene wishes to work with you on preparing your womb, or energetic womb if you do not have a physical one, to birth vast amounts of kinetic energies from Source which is embodied with the feminine DNA Christed light.

This will spiral forth throughout the World and throughout the Earth to bring through the new Earth Templates. Do you feel her call?

Mary Magdalene is calling forth her fellow Sisters of the Rose to reactivate and embody the Divine Template of the archetypal Female Christ.

2019 has been the year of the Trinitisation process, the process of the balanced Feminine and Masculine creating within us all, for those who are initiated and ready, the release of the Holy Child consciousness within.

This resurrection of the Christ energy allows for the Magdalene archetypal energy to be returned on Earth. Those who secretly participated in the Gnostic holy orders, in this lifetime and other lifetimes, carry within their hearts the Magdalene Rose Divine Template.

This template activates the female intelligence within our DNA and it is very important to the overall Resurrection process of Humanity on Earth. This process is awakening the full remembrance in the ascending consciousness of the collective, the Magdalene energy again.

Those who feel the call of Mary in their hearts are ready to activate, through the Divine Rose Template, the Holy Temple Codes within.

Many souls have returned to Earth carrying this sacred wisdom to anchor it into the New Earth templates, which activate on Solstice 2019. This will allow us the liberation, freeing our minds of the old Earth paradigm.

The mind, the masculine aspect, has taken it as far as it can. Now our inner journeys must be embarked upon through feminine.

Mary Magdalene comes forth to empower the Feminine aspect within all, whether you are embodied as a man or woman in this incarnation. Mary Magdalene activates the Holy Fire within you.

She stimulates the kundalini energy in order for you to release the Divine Template of the Rose.

Now this Template carries with it a Chalice, the vessel from which the new creation can be birthed, sacred templates of the New Earth 5th dimensional form.

Mary wishes to work with you on preparing your womb, or energetic womb if you do not have a physical one, to birth and as you are ready to birth, vast amounts of kinetic energies from Source embodied with the feminine DNA Christed light that will spiral forth throughout the World and throughout the Earth.

Thousands of Magdalenes have returned to Earth to be part of this process, to release the sacred womb codes and to bring deep healing to their souls through this process, for the Feminine has been, at times on Earth, trashed and yet now she is ready to rise again.

Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Greetings, greetings, greetings. Through love I offer you this sacred blessing from my heart.

The journey has been long, but the journey has been worth it.

Dear Sisters of the Rose, we are called once again to gather, to honour each other and to feel the call within our hearts from our Great Mother to be of service this way.

We are being called to release our trauma, pain, to let it go, all the violations against the Sacred Feminine so that we can now, through the Sacred Geometry of the Rose we carry as initiates of the Holy Orders of truth, release our wisdom, our frequencies, to aid Mother Earth with her rebirth.

We are being asked to gather at the Magdalene line of the Earth, the Rose line, where we will embark upon releasing our Divinity, embodying it fully ourselves with this massive heart activation.

Know this is what you have been preparing for and I am here to lovingly guide you through this experience to feel whole again within the Female aspect of yourself.

Whether you are a man or a woman in this incarnation, your light is calling forth, through this experience your return to wholeness is assured.

Those who feel the resonance in my words will know that the new journey is about to start. When you have disconnected from 3rd dimensional masculine mind aspects and returned to the Rose Heart within.

This will bring your soul great bliss and joy.

I am here to lovingly support you and guide you in all ways. Blessed be.”

In this channeled workshop Alphedia embodies the Mary Magdalene aspect of herself.

She supports everyone going through the initiations to reactivate the Divine Template of the Rose on Earth.

The Rose symbol is a portal for your DNA to bring forth the Sophia codes on the Earth again, for your heart to expand with love and for you to ascend beyond 3rd dimensional problems with ease.

Alphedia channels live Mary’s wisdom, she brings through activations and initiations for you to experience and she supports you with your sacred vessel, your womb, fully activating to bring forth the codes for the New Earth Dawn.

We travel to Roslin Glen, stand on the Rose line and do the sacred ritual that Mary guides us through to help prepare Mother Earth for the full return of the Feminine Christ consciousness, bringing in a more nurturing, Community based, supportive Earth to live upon.

This is a powerful Earth Healing transmission, this is a powerful Soul healing transmission and Alphedia with her skill of facilitation and deep sacred knowledge and understanding of the Magdalene principles guides you on this journey.

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