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Mary Magdalene Full Moon Workshop

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Mary works on the vibration of compassion and how to bring more compassion into your life and way of being and through compassion we are able to heal relationships, manifest and heal ourselves.

This full moon workshop was led by Mary Magdalene on the Isle of Iona. Iona is a very special island on the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and it is one of the heart centres of the earth, where the veil between the worlds is thin.

This workshop was part of the Iona Mary Magdalene retreat and was recorded in St Mary’s Chapel, which is one of the chapel ruins just to the south of Iona Abbey.

  • This workshop includes an exercise on compassion and then a guided meditation.

This full moon was in Aries and was also a Lunar Eclipse and lunar eclipses are the start of new beginnings, so this moon is a good one to help you transition the changes. The 18th of October 2013 sees the end of an astrological period which was known as the Atlantean Epoch and we now have the opportunity to begin afresh.

Mary Magdalene wants to help teach us through working with the divine feminine energies of how, by holding compassion in our heart centres, we are able to create new realities and to exist in a new way of being. We will also receive codes and symbols from the heart centre of Gaia as part of this workshop.

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