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Master Kuthumi Full Moon Workshop

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Master Kathumi wishes to help us focus more easily on our Divine life path (the reason we have come to earth at this time) and to assist in clearing the fears that stop us from fully embracing our Divine mission.

Ascended Master Kathumi came forward in November 2013 to lead this full Moon meditation workshop with Alphedia Arara.

When we recognise, acknowledge and accept our Divine purpose life starts to flow for us.

The full moon was in Taurus and was known as the Hunters Moon and occurred at 15.17 pm.

  • Master Kuthumi channels a message directly through Alphedia, then gives us an exercise to do to help us come to self realisations of the fears that block us. Alphedia then channels a guided meditation from Kuthumi.

This moon’s cycle was about acknowledging who we are and the important role we individually have to play at this time on Earth.

Channeled Message from Master Kuthumi

I stand before you now as a Master ascended. I see the tribulations and trials you go through on your earth walk and recognise also the trials I went through when on the earth plane myself.

The veils are lighter now and you have an opportunity as an awakened soul to grow spiritually quicker than ever before since the golden days of Atlantis.

Yet many of you stumble, disconnect from source and the light within you.

Now is the time to reconnect fully, to let go of the fears engrained deep within you that permeate your daily life and dim your light within.

I wish to assist you with this at this time to help clear the allusion and to reconnect you powerfully to your Creator so you may shine in his glory.

The Great Mother who offers you a home at this time requires you to be free to serve her with your Earth healing work and to remember why you came to experience this massive acceleration of spiritual growth.”
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