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Master Kuthumi and the Venus Starbeings Full Moon Workshop

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Be transformed through the heart and embody more Divine Love

The Full Moon in February 2016 was known as the Death moon, it occurred at 18.19 in the UK and it was in the star sign of Virgo.

The Star Beings from Venus stepped forward to assist us in harnessing the energies of this time. They are powerful beings of Divine Love who wish to support us in feeling love at all times and in all areas of our life.

Ascended Master Kuthumi also stepped forward to support us in letting go of the resistance to bringing more Divine Love into ourselves and into the planet. Master Kuthumi is a powerful Master who brought forward to the world knowledge which formed the Theosophical Societies. He had various incarnations on Earth including as Pythagoras. He is aiding lightworkers to find themselves and their own inner truths of the mysteries of Earth.

  • Alphedia Arara channels the Venus Starbeings and Master Kuthumi to bring their message forward
  • You then go on a self realisation exercise to explore the love that you are able to feel and access for yourself. You will discover why and where you lack self love.
  • She then takes you on a channeled healing guided meditation to support you on this next moon cycle.
  • Your healing journey is supported by sound healing and toning.

Channeled message from Venus Starbeings

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is such an honour for us to be able to come forward to assist you all on planet Earth.

At this point in the northern hemisphere winter is starting to recede and the energies of Spring are starting to blossom; in the southern hemisphere the Summer is starting to recede and Autumn leaves are starting to fall.

Wherever you are at this transitional stage you are all ready to embody more Divine Love.

This can be a shock for your energy system as a portal opens up on Tuesday 23rd February which will flood the planet with love consciousness. For those of you who experience lack of love for self and lack of love in your life this will be a challenging time, but we beings in Venus are in a constant state of love, ecstasy and bliss.

We observe the Earth as a harsh place for many and we wish to support you, hold you in our loving light and cradle you in our bosoms of love so that you are able to see, to feel and to remember that love is a natural state of being and that through bringing in more love experiencing more love you are able to heal in all areas of your existence.

Master Kuthumi who we have asked to join us to assist in the braking down of conditioning that would have you believe that planet Earth and yourself are unloving.

Through our healing meditation you will be able to be transformed through the heart.You will be able to experience greater compassion and love as you strip away veils of illusion that cause separation from the Divine Source that is within you all.

As you move towards greater enlightenment you move towards Oneness with Divine Source and a sense of completion and a state of natural joy moves into being for you.

Although you may be unfamiliar with our energy know that we are great allies of those on Earth. It is a wonderful experiment you are partaking in and we wish to aid and support you at this time in feeling deep peace, deep love and to bring that feeling of deep love into every area of your life, Blessed Be dear ones, Blessed Be.”
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