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Masters of Orion Star Beings Workshop

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The Star Beings from Orion wish to assist you in preparing to be a walking master on the Earth. To prepare you in reconnecting to the sacred knowledge that was once held by humanity but has been lost.

Channeled Message from Orion Star Beings

We Twelve Masters of Orion step forward now to bring through the first in a series of star being workshops you are to facilitate.

Humanity as it elevates in conscious awareness is ready now to reconnect and remember the wisdom of the other races you call star beings.

As the Masters of Orion we hold the wisdom of the earth, we have many portals on Planet Earth and we now wish to reconnect with the enlightened beings.You will know from your archaeological knowledge that ancient pyramids were created on Planet Earth to align with our stars.

And we were in communication with the great master souls who once walked upon the earth and now it is time for us to re-establish this communication with the master souls of today.

Those who are drawn to the star being workshops carry the knowledge, carry the training and are ready now to reconnect with the star wisdom.What we are offering to do in this workshop is to assist souls in clearing their blocks, lifting the veil and heightening your awareness of the subtle energies on Planet Earth, so that you can once again harness them through sacred geometry and through star gate portals.

This workshop will be channeled live and the wisdom we bring through depends on the gathering of the souls who decide to partake.

We will bring through an initiation and also a restructuring of codes within your core central matrixes. By partaking in this workshop you are agreeing to activate latent dormant knowledge and keys that you are carrying. To have a greater wisdom and understanding of the planet that you live upon and all her subtle energetic structures.

Planet Earth is gridded and we wish to assist you in starting to be more aware of the holographic grids, for as souls you are all holographic patterning.

And there will be future workshops with the Arcturian star beings on healing your own holographic patternings.

But this workshop is about preparing you to be a walking master of earth wisdom. It is to prepare you for reconnecting to the sacred knowledge that has been lost that was once held by humanity.

This workshop will be considered an advanced workshop, but if you feel drawn in any way to even listen to this message, or to read this message, you are ready and you are being called.

You will be assigned a guide from Orion and you will be taught the wisdom of the 12 Masters. We each hold sacred knowledge and we will channel this in advance through Alphedia.

You will learn which Master steps forward to teach you in the year coming. As you are in a Celtic land, we are starting the year from the ancient Celtic calendar, 1st of November [2014].

Planet Earth is ready for you to awaken and the Masters of Orion are ready to release this sacred knowledge now.You will be given the option of a specially programmed crystal which will hold the codes of your Master guide.

The energies of the earth are ready now for the earth workers to reclaim their knowledge.

We will work on the pituitary gland, to allow more esoteric knowledge to flood into your consciousness from this point forward.This will be a preparatory workshop for future star being ones and further ones that we, the Masters of Orion will hold.

Listening to these words, you are receiving codes and downloads and preparing your energy system for the healing work that is to ensue. The time is now, the time is ready. Amnom.”
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