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Melchizedek Full Moon Meditation

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For the full moon of August 2015 the Ascended Master and High Priest Melchizedek came forward to assist with the energies of the corn full moon.

Master Melchizedek is an ascended master of esoteric wisdom and knowledge; he heads up the Order of Melchizedek to which many light workers belong.

Melchizedek oversees souls who are here to create the new Divine blue print of the Planet and are holding the codes of enlightenment within their holographic matrixes. Many people are still dormant who are within the order and now Melchizidek says it is time for you all to awaken to your path.

In this full moon workshop Alphedia channels Master Melchizedek and takes you on a self-realisation exercise to look at your blocks to spiritual growth and fulfilling your Divine life path. This Full Moon which occurred at 19.35 pm GMT was in the star sign of Pisces and this moon was all about shifting into alignment with your Divine higher self.

Master Melchizedek wishes to offer through his channeled guided meditation, a shift to assist you with coming into alignment with your own soul, feeling more rooted in your path and helping to clear out any obstacles whether it is mental, financial, emotional, familial or marital blocks that are going on for you at this time.

Channeled message from Master Melchizedek

“Greetings beloved souls of the light, it is an honour for me to facilitate this full moon healing for you. The full moon is a time when you are able to harness the greatest shifts and healing on earth, especially through the watery sign of Pisces.

You are able to clear out emotional blocks which are stopping you being in alignment with your true self. All of you were birthed through veils of illusion and depending on which year you were birthed your veils will be of varying densities and of varying codes.

But now as Gaia spins another turn of her merkaba, with the next solar eclipse in September you will find that great changes can occur within.

I am a divine alchemist, I can help you let go of frustration, angers, hurts, pains and other emotional blockages such as guilt. I can assist you on your spiritual businesses and in your own self-healing and assistance in healing others.

In this workshop I will be lifting further veils of illusion from you so that you are able to harness greater light within. I will also be giving you guidance and remembering that you came to Gaia for a purpose which was multi factorial.

Keys are now ready to be handed out so you can open up the boxes with knowledge which you have been unable to open until this point. This is a significant full moon as it is also known as the harvest moon , as it brings in to being for you the culmination of your work and allows you the opportunity to step forward fully in to your power.

The next two moons, the harvest moons, are about reaping what you have sown. Many, many lifetimes and eons and other galaxies have culminated on you being on Planet Earth, it is now time to access this knowledge and to reclaim your power. Namaste, Namaste”.

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