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Melchizedek Full Moon Workshop

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Master Melchizedek comes to assist in cleansing and opening our third eye chakra.

This Full moon workshop facilitated by Alphedia Arara is led by Master Melchizedek. Melchizedek is a an Ascended Master and High Priest of the Melchizedek Order.

Many souls incarnate are of the Order and Melchizedek at this time comes forward to assist us at the powerful time of the Harvest Moon in opening our third eye chakra and deeply cleansing it to allow our heart centers to open more fully.

  • In the workshop Alphedia channels Melchizedek and also runs an exercise to help us be more aware of when we are living in our heads and the difference when we are in our heart centres. It is important at this time to open our heart centres so we can harness fully the energies that are descending onto the planet.
  • Melchizedek then takes us on a guided channeled meditation to encode sacred geometric symbols into our third eye chakra helping us to open our clairvoyance to and see more clearly the path ahead for us in this moon cycle and beyond. The vibration of doubt is released out of our core central matrix and we are set free from a layer of fear consciousness programming.
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