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Melchizedek Order Awakening Full Moon Workshop

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Master Melchizedek offers to anchor us fully into a deep understanding of our soul’s truth. He offers to support us in our lightwork and in holding space for us to bear witness to our soul’s unique gifts and talents.

Ascended Master Melchizedek has come forward to offer us this full moon workshop. The full moon took place on Sunday the 3rd of December 2017 at 15.46 GMT. This is known as the Cold Moon.

This moon was in the Sun sign of Gemini, and the energies of this moon were about gearing up to the next step in your spiritual growth on the Ascension pathway.

This full moon is a moon of acknowledgment. Acknowledging who you are is the most powerful experience you can have.

A lot of time on planet Earth, we can feel lost and not know who we are, where we are going or why we are here.

  • In this workshop, Alphedia Arara channels Master Melchizedek.
  • You are taken on a powerful self realisation exercise to help you understand better who you are and what your unique talents and gifts are and what purpose they have for you in this incarnation.
  • You are then taken on a channeled guided meditation, supported also by Alphedia Arara’s playing of the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowl, drum and percussion to give you a powerful sound healing experience also.

Use this moon and what it offers you to have a better understanding of who you are and to set more fully into your divine power and light.

Channeled message from Master Melchizedek

Greetings, I come forth to support you all at this stage in your ascension journey.

This powerful full moon in Gemini offers you the opportunity to have the dawning realisation of the truth of your soul.

Many of you are still unable to honestly and truly bear witness to the vastness of your being of light.

Many of you have come to Earth as part of my order, and the Melchizedek order sends many souls to earth when great shifts in human consciousness are required.

Some of you come as healers, some of you come as seers and visionaries, some of you come to anchor the light codes into being. So I am offering you an upgrade in your energy and your holographic matrix.

I will take you into the order headquarters. I will support you in receiving upgraded light missions. I will work on fine tuning your chakra system and amplifying your meridian pathway. For as the energy of Mother Earth speeds up, your meridians will resonate with the meridian changes within Mother Earth and I will work with you to ameliorate any meridian blockages in your energy field.

I will bring down into the heart centre a prism of light. This prism will shine light into the darkest parts of your soul, to allow you to be consciously aware of the energies that have been holding you back in the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. We will do a healing and cleansing on each of these bodies.I will also give you the opportunity to have a review with me, about your work for the order on Earth.

Know that if you are drawn to be reading this, you are a member of the order. Currently there are 25 million souls on Earth, encroaching up to 30, as more are walkin in each day, who are members of the Melchizedek Order.

You have all been through many initiations and esoteric trainings with myself and other teachers. It is now time to catalyse your memories, and for us to support you in any areas of difficulty in your life while on the Earth plane.

In this review, you will have the opportunity to look at where you are struggling and wish for more help, or if you indeed wish to change your course and path with the Melchizedek Order.

This moon offers a great opportunity for many more souls to awaken, to reconnect with me again, to be given wisdom about the path ahead.And for those taking part distantly also I will offer you in your personal message information on your path ahead.

Depending on who all gathers, will depend on what I fully do in this transmission, but be excited for what is to come next year.Y

ou have done the hard work this year, and now the opportunity to generate much more light within yourself and for Planet Earth is presented.

It is with great honour, privilege and joy that we connect again. Namaste.”
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