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Melchizedek Order Workshop: Next Stage of the Mission

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Alphedia Arara helps you find out the messages Melchizedek wishes to bring forward for you to aid you on your next stage of the mission on behalf of the Melchizedek Order of Light. Members of the Order are often sent to Earth as Earth Healers, Ascension Teachers, Crystal Healers and Awakened Souls.

Master Melchizedek was a High Priest in Atlantis and is Head of the Melchizedek Order. The Melchizedek order works not just on Planet Earth but all throughout the galaxy at times to assist with the raising of conscious awareness.

There are millions of souls who are part of the Melchizedek Order of Light and many have returned to Earth at this time of Ascension to assist with humanities conscious evolution as well as the movement of Gaia into her higher 5th Dimensional Template.

Master Melchizedek has asked Alphedia Arara who, along with Auraengus, are members of the Melchizedek Order of Light, to bring forward this workshop transmission to assist the members of the Order on Earth at this time with the next stage of the mission.

Many of you have incarnated onto the Earth at this time to recreate the 5th Dimensional Template of Light and to open again the Star Gate portals and Dragon Portals on the Earth.

Many of you have come as part of the collective mission on behalf of the Melchizedek Order of Light which is made up of many different star races as well as high priests and priestesses.

You will know if you are a member of the Melchizedek Order if you feel resonance at all in the words of wisdom offered by Master Melchizedek.

Through the channelings Alphedia supports you in finding out the collective mission as well as your individual monadic soul missions.

In December 2019 at the Solstice starts the second phase of the Ascension Process.

Master Melchizedek has explained to Alphedia that it is required now that the members of the Melchizedek Order receive these new transmissions of consciousness.

As well as reawakening the dormant keys and codes that they are carrying for this next stage of the Ascension, and starting to dream and bring consciously into humanity the vision for the next stage of the Ascension process.

  • You receive an Ascension Sphere attunement to the Order of Melchizedek to help you reawaken your dormant memories of your work within the order.
  • You also receive a healing and balancing by Melchizedek to remove any any ego drivers that are no longer serving you.
  • Also to remove any off world entities and attacks which are affecting you and also to support you in increasing you light quotient.
  • You are then taken on a guided meditation, journeying in your light body vehicle to the headquarters of the order. Here you meet members of the order who are on the other side and who bring through personal wisdom and understanding for you to know about the next stage of your mission.
  • Alphedia then brings through three sound transmissions which will seed into you the collective wisdom of the Melchizedek light order. New frequencies in essence to upgrade your chakras and to shut off any of the old patternings and timeline work on behalf of the order that is hindering you at this stage going forth.
  • You also then have a guided meditation to meet Master Melchizedek and to receive wisdom on your personal mission’s next stage.
  • The opportunity to discuss with him any areas where you are struggling and to change your mission if you feel that you are unable to fulfil at this point what was previously agreed. In essence, this will be like a negotiation, an opportunity for your soul on a deep cellular level of consciousness.
  • You then receive the collective mission’s wisdom in a download to help you reconnect in the physical realm with other members of the Melchizedek Order of Light, and to assist you in calling in and helping awaken those members of the Order who have come to Earth but have been gripped through the ego veils of illusion and who have not yet re-awoken.

This workshop will cause a powerful shift within your energy field and bring much joy and excitement to your soul as you allow yourself to reawaken from the dormancy of knowledge before.

Master Melchizedek is wishing to upgrade many of your holographic energy fields and will bring through guidance to assist you with your Earth walk at this time.

As always the transmissions are supported through Alphedia’s channeling, the sacred instruments, Tibetan signing bowls, percussion, crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramid, drum and light language toning.

Channeled Message from Master Melchizedek

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Master Melchizedek.

It is with great honour and joy that I come forth.

I am able to see within your energies there is a lot of confusion about the path ahead.

This is because internally you know that a shift is oncoming and yet you are unsure of what this shift is to be.

Many of you are struggling with the third dimensional reality of the Earth walk at this time, and I wish to work on you all to support you in releasing any blocks to your finances, your abundance, your love life, your health and your psychic development.

Know you are not alone on this Earth walk.

There are many millions of souls who are members of the Melchizedek Order of Light, we are such a vast consciousness, and who are here to serve not only their own soul’s and monadic group’s mission but in the higher realms of the Melchizedek Order of Light to support humanity in their consciousness shift.

Many of you are elevated enough to know and remember the power of entrainment, and when enough of you gather together, we can make vast shifts in consciousness as we gather in unity, for this is what you had agreed to come to Earth to do.

I will support you through this next stage of your soul’s evolution. Some of you are feeling tired, some of you are feeling stressed, some of you are feeling despondent, some of you are injured, some of you are disenfranchised, but know this is just all the end of the death of the first cycle and we are now moving in to the upliftment of phase two of this ascension journey.

I wish to help you close off Phase One and help you move into this place of understanding of what the next stage is for you.

Know you are being called once again dear ones to feel the resonance of this through your hearts, as I Master Melchizedek lovingly support you on this next stage of our mission of light, operation code Ascension Two.

It is with great honour, wisdom and joy I come forth.

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