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Merlin & the Dragons Earth Healing Workshop

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Awaken the Merlin consciousness codes within you and connect to the Earth Dragon consciousness. Receive healing as well as information on how to connect into the leyline energies wherever you are.

Alphedia Arara has been channeling the Merlin consciousness for 10 years. She has been working with Merlin on personal healing and Earth healing as well as the Dragon realm in Merlindale.

  • In this workshop, she channels Merlin live, helps you awaken the Merlin consciousness codes within you as well as attuning you to Merlin and supporting you in connecting to the Earth Dragon consciousness.
  • We go on a guided meditation to reactivate knowledge within you of the Earth healing work you have done in the past and what you are here to do in this incarnation.
  • You will then learn how to work with the Dragon skulls and crystal skulls and crystals to perform leyline activation work as well as receiving healing rejuvenation, revitalisation from the leylines.

Glenholm in Upper Merlindale

The Glenholm Spiritual Centre is located in Merlindale so you will be receiving the codes from the land here also.

Part of this workshop is a field trip where participants go on a short hike up to the top of Merlin’s Castle, collecting the codes from this land and doing the activation work on the Belinus line.

This was held at the Autumn Equinox in order for you to give offerings of thanks to Mother Earth.

You will meet Earth Dragon guides as well as receive messages from Merlin on how he can help you in your Ascension Journey at this time also.

Channeled message from Merlin

“Greetings, greetings greetings,I am Merlin the Celtic Wizard of Earth Magic and Knowledge. I am very honoured to welcome you to one of the areas where the Merlin energy is strong on Earth.

Merlindale Valley, located on top of Britain’s longest leyline, the Belinus Line in the Scottish Borders, is one of the highest energy vortex points for Earth healing access.

The Merlin consciousness is ready to awaken again within the Earth Magicians, Earth healers, Earth sorceresses, for you have returned to Earth again at this time to support Gaia with her ascension, with her reawakening and her activating the higher light codes.

The reason that I come forth, along with the Dragon realm is because the leylines are to be upgraded when Gaia increases her template upgrade in December 2018.

In order to do this, she requires the leylines to be freely flowing with energy.The Dragons and the Gnomes as guardians of the leylines, are asking for assistance at this time from the Earth healers in awakening the upgrade codes and doing activation work on the leylines.

I wish to teach you, along with the Earth Dragons, how to do Earth healing work, how to increase the energy vibration of the land you live on.

How to heal stuck energy blockages as well as to place the codes of the New Dawn into the leylines which then allows the energy frequencies to be released to all of the Elemental Kingdom as well as the morphic fields of the land of areas where it has been damaged.

In this course, I will be teaching you how to use yourself as a conduit and as an activator of Earth Healing Grids.How to release codes into the leylines as well as how to receive healing from the leylines.

We will work with the Dragon Realm as they show you how to harness the Dragon power using the Dragon skulls as well as your own Dragon connections to do this sacred Earth healing work.

You will receive codes from the Belinus line as well as performing an activation on this line to feed into the leylines around the world.This can then be replicated for those taking part distantly for those taking part distantly in your own vicinity.

We will then bring through communication with the Dragon of Merlindale when we climb up the hill to what is known as Merlin’s Castle and perform an Equinox activation ceremony connecting into the leyline grids of the world.

This is an opportunity for you to learn how to work with the Earth Dragons to be of service, but also how to receive personal healing from them.They will bring through a healing transmission for you on top of Tinnis Hill to support your physical body and to remember how to be strengthened rejuvenated and healed through connecting with the deep Earth energies.

You will be activated by the Merlin consciousness codes, making it easier for you to remember the Earth Magic training you have had in past incarnations, or the Earth healing work you are here to do at this time to help fulfil your mission.

This will be a great opportunity for you this equinox to revive your own personal energy through connecting with the energy of nature, but also to be of service in your Earth healing work.It is a privilege to connect with you all at this time, when the hours of darkness and the hours of light are equal.

This will bring a balance to your energy system as you prepare for the next turn of the wheel. Blessed be.”

Tinnis Castle

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